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  1. Sidzeslothe :3

    Sidzeslothe :314 hours ago

    Anyone else think that he is legit just an actual mage and is just playing it off like a genius?

  2. Brett Monty

    Brett Monty14 hours ago

    I was watching this and the guy at 14:43 was definitely in another focus group they had when presenting video games...

  3. Satyam Kumar Mishra 1184

    Satyam Kumar Mishra 118414 hours ago

    God bless these guys, whether i am feeling down or depressed or stressed, these guys always bring smile on my face 😂😢


    EDGE SKYWARD14 hours ago

    01:22 gary coleman?

  5. I shave

    I shave14 hours ago


  6. Steve Wyrick

    Steve Wyrick14 hours ago

    "You're like 'YES I DO!!!'" "DON'T MAKE ME SHOW IT!!!" "Please don't show your receding vagina to these people, THANK YOU."

  7. Darren 0613

    Darren 061314 hours ago

    Dude picks it up and immediately says “baseball bat?” Sure we can call it something like that

  8. Jetstream

    Jetstream14 hours ago


  9. Aki TheLion

    Aki TheLion14 hours ago


  10. Bonny Bonny

    Bonny Bonny14 hours ago

    I would LOVE to see how the crowd reacted when they knew they were being pranked

  11. Matthew Lane

    Matthew Lane14 hours ago

    We're doomed.

  12. Andrew Hassell

    Andrew Hassell14 hours ago

    “Beautiful dog, Im garbage” 😂😂

  13. Jennifer Embry

    Jennifer Embry15 hours ago

    2:35 when you win an argument

  14. 1o1beauty

    1o1beauty15 hours ago

    She certainly went to college

  15. Jessica -aka JessaNae

    Jessica -aka JessaNae15 hours ago

    *Joe's eyes... dude can always pull off a creepy look! Lol!! He's flipping hilarious!!*

  16. Cindy S

    Cindy S15 hours ago

    Lmfao she sneezed

  17. Jessica -aka JessaNae

    Jessica -aka JessaNae15 hours ago

    Love that Murr is the only one wearing a hard hat lol!!

  18. Rick Plumridge

    Rick Plumridge15 hours ago

    She is so flippin adorable and nice...she’s probably never told a lie in her life and if she has it was to save another persons life

  19. Ryan The Horror Movie King

    Ryan The Horror Movie King15 hours ago

    Murray is head straight for his punishment AKA the Danger Zone

  20. Andrew Sippitts

    Andrew Sippitts15 hours ago

    Egypts 🤣

  21. Harvey Garrett

    Harvey Garrett15 hours ago

    The daughter was freaking beautiful.🤗

  22. I Apologize for this Comment

    I Apologize for this Comment15 hours ago

    Still a better movie than Rise of Skywalker

  23. Eli Crisan

    Eli Crisan15 hours ago

    These guys are playing jackbox irl

  24. N P

    N P15 hours ago

    Karen to the rescue!

  25. Giray YALÇIN

    Giray YALÇIN15 hours ago

    I wanna be her fluffy bear!

  26. Man Incognito

    Man Incognito15 hours ago

    Murr should've taken lunch at the end.

  27. Jose Llamas

    Jose Llamas15 hours ago

    Shits trash

  28. LightningStrikeify

    LightningStrikeify15 hours ago

    Why don’t they just make Sal work as a bin man for a shift?

  29. Jetstream

    Jetstream15 hours ago

    Murr gets the worst punishments 😂

  30. TheMind11111

    TheMind1111115 hours ago

    What a boring old fart

  31. Likith Kb

    Likith Kb15 hours ago

    These guys got some serious guts

  32. Conkr CsTf

    Conkr CsTf15 hours ago

    Lol calling a fringe bangs. That guy was confused.

  33. ky uhhl

    ky uhhl15 hours ago

    is this suppose to be funny...?

  34. Evatan

    Evatan15 hours ago

    This might have been his most bs filled trick it’s great

  35. {BntyHntr5} Mad-Jakal

    {BntyHntr5} Mad-Jakal15 hours ago

    i have an issue with this episode... our poor are the richest poor people on earth... poor people still have flat screen tvs... smartphones..... can find access to the internet regularly at cafes, libraries, and leeching of other wifi(people in the city do that or in neighborhoods/communties[mobilehomes]) our poor have access to fastfood joints with dollar menus, food stamps, medical assitance ... i never pay for meds or doctors from when i got insurance when i was down and out.... so this episode has us below pakistan on that initial and thats bs, being poor there is waaaaay harder than here idgaf what this episode says with its sjw/virtue signaling bs.

  36. Im the BMF

    Im the BMF15 hours ago

    How about women's wrong

  37. Kyle Robinson

    Kyle Robinson15 hours ago

    One of the funniest episodes I've ever seen

  38. David Banner

    David Banner15 hours ago

    "You are smelling the essence of a man..." 😂

  39. j azz

    j azz16 hours ago

    I cant even do 5push up .. considering joe is bigger than i am

  40. Kp

    Kp16 hours ago

    1:50 the real "trust fall" wouldn't been a forward fall.

  41. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay16 hours ago

    Bobby Lee is the greatest man alive.

  42. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay16 hours ago

    Bobby Lee is my hero.

  43. Jamie Bendy

    Jamie Bendy16 hours ago

    Like 4 of these reactions were angry.

  44. Jaybird 1019

    Jaybird 101916 hours ago

    Sometimes the stars align and something beautiful like this unfolds

  45. Stickius

    Stickius16 hours ago

    1:56 did she say the n word with a hard r?

  46. TheIosif

    TheIosif16 hours ago

    She was a good sport.

  47. Markus Manfred

    Markus Manfred16 hours ago

    She's actually really pretty.

  48. G

    G16 hours ago

    British people are raise to be less observant and more accepting. It's called liberal leftist indoctrination

  49. Markus Manfred

    Markus Manfred16 hours ago

    I feel like Murr gets the worst punishments LOL.

  50. Zapperman 17

    Zapperman 1716 hours ago

    One punch man looking different

  51. Christian Palmer

    Christian Palmer16 hours ago

    Only came here to hear the Jamaican Tennis player say “Mind if I practice some shot in ya?” Highly disappointed.

  52. Abhishek Goswami

    Abhishek Goswami16 hours ago

    0:29 they went home together.

  53. Cj Jun

    Cj Jun16 hours ago

    That little smirk he did when he told him he got fired... only assholes wear sunglasses inside is true i guess..

  54. Derwampirkönig

    Derwampirkönig17 hours ago

    Guys would u go to Canada or even Australia, new zealand, south Africa? basically all English speaking countries lol

  55. Jordan McPherson

    Jordan McPherson17 hours ago

    Not gonna lie I felt everyone of those shots murr got

  56. Mangekyo Sharingan

    Mangekyo Sharingan17 hours ago

    honestly feels like Joe is force-laughing at these for the sake of the show bc all of this nonsense looks normal to him lmao

  57. Moonstone Universe

    Moonstone Universe17 hours ago

    Morgan Mchmichaels as a similar super man Tattoo

  58. Paula Harris

    Paula Harris17 hours ago

    You got that guys hopes up like that? Not cool

  59. Phan My Linh

    Phan My Linh17 hours ago

    Here to 3 hours of Sal losing lol

  60. Koby Tan

    Koby Tan17 hours ago


  61. Moonstone Universe

    Moonstone Universe17 hours ago

    I’m surprised those parents didn’t scream and riot after that “How much?” Page

  62. Homda Odessy

    Homda Odessy17 hours ago

    its really funny seeing him wear the i have your pants shirt. if u know u know

  63. Zach Price

    Zach Price17 hours ago

    "Don't touch me or you'll end up in the hospitals" - Old guys always talk a big game smh

  64. Fizi Kentang

    Fizi Kentang17 hours ago

    Alien: huh never knew that🤔

  65. Gr1nch 101

    Gr1nch 10117 hours ago

  66. Gr1nch 101

    Gr1nch 10117 hours ago

  67. Gr1nch 101

    Gr1nch 10117 hours ago

  68. Gr1nch 101

    Gr1nch 10117 hours ago

  69. Ground Ed

    Ground Ed17 hours ago

    Joe is hilarious 🤣

  70. VapeGoat

    VapeGoat17 hours ago

    The one at the park where he kept puling the emergency cord legitimately made me sad. I only ever went on a holiday that included theme parks once in my life as a kid. The idea of a family saving up for that outing was brutal, hope they got compensated

  71. life of chhims

    life of chhims17 hours ago

    I am addicted to " THE CARBONARO EFFECT". Two years in relationship and he only tells me about this now? :/

  72. life of chhims

    life of chhims17 hours ago

    guy knows how it use his skillss well anywhere any situation just freakin

  73. Timothy Asdent

    Timothy Asdent17 hours ago

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  74. Timothy Asdent

    Timothy Asdent18 hours ago

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  75. mike maez

    mike maez18 hours ago

    Wonkey like a flopper

  76. Krono 02

    Krono 0218 hours ago

    Their success is their curse tbh coz it’s harder to do pranks without ppl recognizing them

  77. I shave

    I shave18 hours ago

    there has to be a compilation of sal falling over laughing

  78. TrashQueenAbri

    TrashQueenAbri18 hours ago

    Imagine being the guy who auditioned for that.

  79. Guns N Music

    Guns N Music18 hours ago

    She's the good Amber heard ❤️

  80. UrAverageYoutuber

    UrAverageYoutuber18 hours ago

    I'm from India and people are just as smart as americans.