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  1. Nalcom julios

    Nalcom juliosMinute ago

    “No you’re not Jesus, you’re the Mexican Marshmallow.” Lol I like her! 😂

  2. Andrea

    Andrea2 minutes ago

    Uh ooh!😂

  3. moyera agarwal

    moyera agarwal11 minutes ago

    The desk guy gives me Cole Spouse vibes

  4. chamberizer

    chamberizer12 minutes ago

    When I was a kid - this pawn shop was a Bowling Alley.

  5. love mimi

    love mimi14 minutes ago

  6. love mimi

    love mimi19 minutes ago

  7. Saksham Jain

    Saksham Jain22 minutes ago

    this was clearly scripted

  8. Cranjis McBasketball

    Cranjis McBasketball24 minutes ago


  9. Praying Mantis

    Praying Mantis27 minutes ago


  10. Hockey Is life

    Hockey Is life33 minutes ago

    I don’t need a degree to be a clothing hanger

  11. Legit Drum Sticks

    Legit Drum Sticks34 minutes ago

    The gift wrap punishment was perfect for Joe.

  12. Praying Mantis

    Praying Mantis36 minutes ago

    I put one in my shower, cause I don’t like feeling these 😂

  13. Rodolfo Aguilar

    Rodolfo Aguilar39 minutes ago

    Joe always makes it look so natural its hilarious

  14. Ammar Mailk

    Ammar Mailk41 minute ago

    "30:55 to 33:00" Its for me guys when I rewatch it again. It was hilarious

  15. Legit Drum Sticks

    Legit Drum Sticks44 minutes ago

    2:37:51 When Joe is like that you know its going to be good.

  16. ARR 333

    ARR 33344 minutes ago

    New All-Star Idiots video. Thanksgiving booing. I recommend leaving a like and subscribing.

  17. Legit Drum Sticks

    Legit Drum Sticks50 minutes ago

    Is Al genuinely good at golf or was that a lucky shot?

  18. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith52 minutes ago

    I think that’s more than 200 minutes, but I’m no doctor. Edit: never mind it just keeps circling after 3 and a half hours. Re:edit: literally just thought of something so basic and stupid lol

  19. Legit Drum Sticks

    Legit Drum Sticks53 minutes ago

    Sal though he had it 18:42 his last words right before he was taken outside to never be seen again.

  20. Sunchipp Studio

    Sunchipp Studio56 minutes ago

    I like how they used Blood of The Titan by Two Steps From Hell right on 2:09 Cant help it I know too much music haha

  21. DubbyMazlo

    DubbyMazloHour ago

    I'd probably be stress eating the chickens in there...

  22. e _rm

    e _rmHour ago

    This is funny

  23. Yuneth Gunatilake

    Yuneth GunatilakeHour ago

    Before I die I wanna see joe dance again

  24. BlissPlayz Live

    BlissPlayz LiveHour ago

    Sal's sister !!

  25. The Depressed Cat

    The Depressed CatHour ago

    wow joe didnt speak at all

  26. Scorpio Snake

    Scorpio SnakeHour ago

    Perhaps the Easiest punishment ever.

  27. Kendra Johnson

    Kendra JohnsonHour ago

    The Xing out of the art, the foot rub, there are a bunch that are hard to watch that escape me. I watched an episode yesterday and I was so hurt. LOL

  28. Sara Awad

    Sara Awad2 hours ago

    Bruh. I just stumbled onto this video and cant stop laughing....he just grabbed n dragged her like shes some doll 😂

  29. Flyfisher Jo

    Flyfisher Jo2 hours ago

    But while Adam points out the reality of the lawsuit, he puts blacks in the characters of being duped, misinformed, ignorant...and only white people can teach them the truth. Not good.

  30. Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas2 hours ago

    Asian lady referencing a 60 year old study. Without a doubt, Asians get the model minority label because they come to America with little resources, they excel in academics, they are underrepresented in the legal system and they have a strong sense of family values (take care of elders, don’t shame the family which includes failing school and getting arrested). They did not get special treatment and are often rejected in high numbers when applying for Ivy League schools despite their accolades. The marks spreading random views in this episode does not explain anything about the model minority label. If you need to, visit Irvine Ca. It will tell you all you need to know.

  31. Lick My Musket Balls Yankee

    Lick My Musket Balls Yankee2 hours ago

    Notice how Joe's plant balls look like gray trash compared to the proper meatballs the other guys have. Don't go vegan kids.

  32. Kayla Mitchell

    Kayla Mitchell2 hours ago

    even 9am is too early

  33. Wil Smith

    Wil Smith2 hours ago

    I’ve literally never heard of a brand that sells both soda and car insurance.

  34. greg_rff

    greg_rff2 hours ago

    Elena and Ivan had CHEMISTRY

  35. e _rm

    e _rm2 hours ago

    I died lmfaoo

  36. bottles cans

    bottles cans2 hours ago

    Cable TV is Crap....Get off of it!

  37. ZachTheMan God

    ZachTheMan God2 hours ago

    You already know for a fact the two chicks that left already had STDs

  38. Stefi Brilinschi

    Stefi Brilinschi3 hours ago

    I want Sal to do this punishment. And other Murr punishments

  39. ThunderKnight Lvl. 666

    ThunderKnight Lvl. 6663 hours ago

    Meanwhile, my parents blame it on technology.....

  40. DuhItzSarah7

    DuhItzSarah73 hours ago

    i almost died when they switched back to the boys while murr was insulting the lady w the tattoo

  41. Harsha Vardhini

    Harsha Vardhini3 hours ago

    When Joe hit him tho 😂💯

  42. Alex Beel

    Alex Beel3 hours ago

    0:38 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  43. Miaxblush

    Miaxblush3 hours ago

    Whos here from 2020?

  44. Alin Fazakas

    Alin Fazakas3 hours ago

    When is the "accidentally" part coming up?

  45. Ra John

    Ra John3 hours ago

    Nicest couple!

  46. R k

    R k3 hours ago

    Best freaking show for me

  47. Didapper 1

    Didapper 13 hours ago

    They didn't show this scene in India

  48. A B

    A B3 hours ago

    He wasn’t even hitting the right pads lmao, you’re supposed to hit the pad on the opposite size

  49. Henry N

    Henry N3 hours ago

    Did he literally just discribe Sal, Q and Murr as boyband members?

  50. Karabo Sefiri

    Karabo Sefiri3 hours ago

    They were crabs Michael

  51. Vikas

    Vikas3 hours ago

    1:56 with right hand he dropped that in I saw these guys in real they are so clean with hands to distract your eyes I'm also learning these tricks

  52. Lopez Guy

    Lopez Guy3 hours ago

    Really shitty video I need good impractical jokers videos for the next 4 years guys or I wont make it

  53. Allson Peris

    Allson Peris4 hours ago

    At the end sal said "alright *Tomato* "

  54. Raj MN

    Raj MN4 hours ago

    "Do you believe in love" was a turning point... literally. Joe is genius

  55. Besty 123

    Besty 1234 hours ago


  56. MsLin1974

    MsLin19744 hours ago

    Idiot !☘️

  57. This Stop Motions

    This Stop Motions4 hours ago

    the cats are so cute. Q is abusing it by holding it like that and rubbing it.

  58. Chase

    Chase4 hours ago

    I wish I could see more of this. That was such a bad punishment and I loved it.

  59. Sai K

    Sai K5 hours ago

    Joe gatto for president

  60. Jack Rothrock

    Jack Rothrock5 hours ago

    "My daughter's half-Japanese!" I thought he was going to deadpan, "Then we cannot let her half-win."

  61. мαуαα мιlкѕнααкє

    мαуαα мιlкѕнααкє5 hours ago

    she-ra in a nutshell

  62. Jack Rothrock

    Jack Rothrock5 hours ago

    Im laughing way too hard.

  63. Jack Rothrock

    Jack Rothrock5 hours ago

    1:54 im dead

  64. Goldenrod636

    Goldenrod6365 hours ago

    "I turned and yelled at Mary Jo... SUCK!"

  65. jesse aguilar

    jesse aguilar5 hours ago

    Your ad hace a video in it

  66. Ussr kiwi cat

    Ussr kiwi cat5 hours ago

    I want to hit kids in football

  67. Jack Rothrock

    Jack Rothrock5 hours ago

    I swear to God Joe is the funniest out of them and he literally has no fear when he does challenges or punishments.

  68. Ussr kiwi cat

    Ussr kiwi cat5 hours ago

    Let the pugs have Pomeranian puppies

  69. Ussr kiwi cat

    Ussr kiwi cat5 hours ago

    I think I’m allergic to penicillin

  70. Jordan Justin Jacobs

    Jordan Justin Jacobs5 hours ago

    Why when murr is screaming, I Remember SCP-96

  71. Ussr kiwi cat

    Ussr kiwi cat5 hours ago

    Thank god I’m not american

  72. hidde Games!

    hidde Games!5 hours ago

    when i click on this vid i thought cause the hair it was snoopdog but hes not😂😂😂

  73. markman manmark

    markman manmark5 hours ago

    U 2 New Song (WALK ON ) pack you bags time to go home :) Jesus 24/7

  74. Ussr kiwi cat

    Ussr kiwi cat5 hours ago

    This kid is weird

  75. Andrew Kaldas

    Andrew Kaldas5 hours ago

    keep the dream alive!

  76. Ussr kiwi cat

    Ussr kiwi cat5 hours ago


  77. hidde Games!

    hidde Games!5 hours ago

    that big man omg why is he soooo tall omg😂😂

  78. Ussr kiwi cat

    Ussr kiwi cat5 hours ago

    On Mother’s Day I just be nice to my mom and do more stuff for her

  79. ツ90sanimeツ

    ツ90sanimeツ6 hours ago

    A Datsun 240z

  80. Scorpio Snake

    Scorpio Snake6 hours ago

    They missed an opportunity to make Murr take off his underwear in front of Danica. And since it's a punishment Murr can't say no. That'd have been hilarious.