Impractical Jokers: Best Grocery Store Moments (Mashup) | truTV

People tend to mind their own business when they go grocery shopping, but not when the Impractical Jokers get involved! These are the best of the insanely hilarious pranks they pull on innocent bystanders at the grocery store. #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Impractical Jokers: Best Grocery Store Moments (Mashup) | truTV


  1. Lonelyz

    Lonelyz17 hours ago

    We all need to be a little more like Lucy

  2. Akyyka

    Akyyka20 hours ago

    Did I just see a Spartan soldier at 4:29?

  3. KicksReview J

    KicksReview J21 hour ago

    Awe I love that Dave Jacobs guy he's so adorable 🥺

  4. Hannah Powell

    Hannah PowellDay ago

    I love 30+ minute videos of Impractical Jokers

  5. kanix overdrive

    kanix overdriveDay ago

    That producer was so pretty

  6. bitch Lasagna

    bitch LasagnaDay ago

    r u here ?

  7. Big E

    Big E2 days ago

    joe really kissed the whole store

  8. GabbyStr8

    GabbyStr82 days ago

    🥰Dave Jacobs🥰

  9. Moonlit Jester

    Moonlit Jester2 days ago

    Lucy was an absolute mad woman. A real wild card. Her impromptu acting has been hailed as the dawn of of new age. You can see a gleam in her eyes that rivals the sheer intensity of a new mother seeing her just born child for the first time. Honestly awe inspiring.

  10. Geo 999

    Geo 9994 days ago

    Covid 19: sorry Joe you were right I should have been carrying more toilet paper than you threw in there, i DID need more.

  11. Zeke The Plumber

    Zeke The Plumber4 days ago

    27:47 Then he just stares at him, lmao.

  12. Nick Rayer

    Nick Rayer4 days ago

    Everyone: talks about the video Me: it's werid hearing Sly Cooper music in something that's not Sly Cooper

  13. Cassidy Thibault

    Cassidy Thibault5 days ago

    i always feel bad for Dave Jacobs like he thought people were recognizing him. He got so happy

  14. Edwin Rodriguez

    Edwin Rodriguez5 days ago

    That little lady knows what's up. She's been around the block, she isn't afraid to make a mess. Praise be to Lucy!

  15. Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard Warrior5 days ago

    Smart boy at 7.18 clocked em good, they telling you to keep kissing me?

  16. jeholley 06

    jeholley 065 days ago

    7:28 just saw Q with a t shirt that had the union jack on it and it just said england. It isnt wrong it just caught my attention

  17. KiNdA sUs

    KiNdA sUs6 days ago

    17:33 is that their bodyguard???

  18. Cooper

    Cooper6 days ago

    Why is it that once Joe gets noticed, everyone realizes who he is?

  19. Henry Cole

    Henry Cole6 days ago

    miny deadpool

  20. Belinda Burke

    Belinda Burke7 days ago

    Truckers, when hauling I find myself pedal to the metal more than not to maintain speed. With roughly 425-450hp and up to 80,000lbs gross and a speed of 70 mph, is this normal? Also lots of hills. Let me know in the comments below!

  21. Molly Jayne

    Molly Jayne7 days ago

    Lucy's a real one just sayin

  22. Syed Nad-e-ali

    Syed Nad-e-ali7 days ago

    So you're telling me that even after seeing that "One ball barry" performance, everyone still thinks this show is unscripted? I mean come on guys.

  23. William Tran

    William Tran7 days ago

    Awe I love that Dave Jacobs guy he's so adorable 🥺

  24. Nilta Yesh

    Nilta Yesh7 days ago

    That little lady knows what's up. She's been around the block, she isn't afraid to make a mess. Praise be to Lucy!

  25. Casually Endangered

    Casually Endangered7 days ago

    Stolen comment

  26. Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico

    Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico8 days ago

    lucy is my hero

  27. Winder Zhao

    Winder Zhao8 days ago

    "We don't start filming till next week" situations are the best.

  28. sahil sethi

    sahil sethi8 days ago

    dave jacobs thing was just great. u guys are awesome.

  29. Happy Individuals

    Happy Individuals9 days ago

    That girl swiped a card for two guys for 5 bucks knowing that it might of been sexual. Tells you a lot about a person 😂

  30. crash bandicoot

    crash bandicoot9 days ago

    799 people are just mad thay never got to meet Dave Jacob's!

  31. Alex J

    Alex J9 days ago

    That security guard is actually hilarious though the way he runs after them

  32. A G

    A G10 days ago

    When he was pinning him in the elevator and said "get in there you son of a" I lost it

  33. F-15eaglePlays

    F-15eaglePlays10 days ago

    You have to stop and think what these people are thinking when the Jokers do these stunts. Honestly, probably something like: "Still isn't the weirdest thing I've seen in this city."

  34. Gokul On Fire

    Gokul On Fire10 days ago

    Lucy wasted 4$ of milk, she's no badass, she's good but weak and unimaginative. That kind of mentality that is to think you're helping someone by wasting other's hard work is stupid.

  35. VirtualPianoSheets

    VirtualPianoSheets10 days ago

    The woman who kept eating free samples is honestly me-

  36. victor martone

    victor martone11 days ago

    Joe always takes a step further on his own

  37. steel nwooden

    steel nwooden11 days ago

    them shopping for some toilet paper is pretty accurate, especially with the corona beer in the background

  38. Unknow0059

    Unknow005912 days ago

    This guys are great.

  39. FireFly

    FireFly13 days ago

    Lmfaoo imagine you're walking and you put your hands in your pocket and find 9 pencils in there just randomly LOL I'd be so confused like, wtf happened?! When did I put this pencils here?! Is this my coat? hahaha xD That is hilarious!

  40. Cm down

    Cm down14 days ago

    27:12 one ball barry

  41. Dr.ZoidBurger

    Dr.ZoidBurger15 days ago

    Says he's gonna trojan horse it but doesn't shove them all up inside the eggplant and basically makes it even harder for himself

  42. Quentin Gilbert

    Quentin Gilbert15 days ago

    People at the grocery store are just more fun

  43. ‘Ānela Jennings

    ‘Ānela Jennings16 days ago

    Joe was prepared for COVID-19 15:30

  44. Eddie Cantarelli

    Eddie Cantarelli16 days ago

    I can’t get enough of those guys. They’re simply the best off all times! Cheers from Australia

  45. Rose Williams

    Rose Williams16 days ago

    So funny.

  46. Cole Stuart

    Cole Stuart16 days ago

    They’re like dude perfect but like actually funny, I mean Murr even looks like an older uglier Coby and Cory😂😂

  47. Joacim Jonsson

    Joacim Jonsson16 days ago

    27:45 Why do the old pink guy got an earpiece aswell in his ear?

  48. Dr.ZoidBurger

    Dr.ZoidBurger15 days ago

    Most likely a hearing aid

  49. Cote Parker

    Cote Parker17 days ago

    I bet that sweet lady mini Deadpool helped sal because he said he'd get overtime and she knew what's up. People like her are amazing. I love it when people on this show help the jokers with the security guard lol because it just means they're trying to help a stranger out and that really makes me feel like people will always be helping each other no matter what.


    SAHIL SHARMA21 day ago

    8:07 😂😂

  51. romyomc143

    romyomc14321 day ago

    Ayo let's give a quick shout out to Dave Jacobs!

  52. supra angel

    supra angel22 days ago

    I bet that sweet lady mini Deadpool helped sal because he said he'd get overtime and she knew what's up. People like her are amazing. I love it when people on this show help the jokers with the security guard lol because it just means they're trying to help a stranger out and that really makes me feel like people will always be helping each other no matter what.


    THE CRAFTOONS22 days ago

    8:17 That guy was like: 8:23 “What kind of guy am I”

  54. esteban collazo

    esteban collazo22 days ago

    I love 30+ minute videos of Impractical Jokers

  55. supra angel

    supra angel23 days ago

    Lucy: throw milk on the floor Also Lucy: It's ok Im the manager

  56. Paul Fitzgerald

    Paul Fitzgerald23 days ago


  57. LiverCancerGaming

    LiverCancerGaming23 days ago


  58. FitzÆ

    FitzÆ24 days ago

    They're easily recognizable now.

  59. Sofa Sproke AKA Googs

    Sofa Sproke AKA Googs24 days ago

    Lucy the Legend

  60. Devil Trigger

    Devil Trigger25 days ago

    Bless Lucy she is so adorable!!

  61. Willie B Productions

    Willie B Productions25 days ago

    Like Richard Dawson

  62. C S

    C S25 days ago

    You guys the best

  63. SpaghEddy

    SpaghEddy26 days ago

    The Dave Jacob's part was actually really wholeosme wtf😂😂

  64. cuonguyenduc hongkhanhkim Music

    cuonguyenduc hongkhanhkim Music26 days ago

    lil uzi vert

  65. Erick Romero

    Erick Romero27 days ago

    Only joe can pull up with those kisses

  66. rashawn techeira

    rashawn techeira27 days ago

    When it got to Dave Jacobs, everything felt wholesome 💯

  67. EZ Breezy

    EZ Breezy28 days ago

    Lucy is the goat

  68. Tyler Look

    Tyler Look28 days ago

    "It's no ball Barry"

  69. Marilyn Cunningham

    Marilyn Cunningham28 days ago

    6:04 any fans of The State? 😂

  70. Rowan Buck

    Rowan Buck29 days ago


  71. Joshua M

    Joshua M29 days ago


  72. Mr. Meeseeks

    Mr. MeeseeksMonth ago

    That Dave jacobs one made me smile, you guys are great. Made his day 😊😊

  73. Toyuta

    ToyutaMonth ago

    Joe : Whoever hides the most pencils in a customer wins Sal: In? Joe : *ejects pencils*

  74. Bread Stick

    Bread StickMonth ago

    7:38 the woman in the back taking 2 full sized hams 😂

  75. Identified Body

    Identified BodyMonth ago

    at 6:45 the girl flinches a bit when the guy moves towards them with his hand up. kinda weird and worrying

  76. Hassan Khan

    Hassan KhanMonth ago

    10:10 that red woman is so kind!

  77. T Mitchell

    T MitchellMonth ago

    19:16 Then go to the pub for a Tia Maria....

  78. Kapula

    KapulaMonth ago

    Im hearing sly cooper music

  79. John R. Timmers

    John R. TimmersMonth ago

    That old lady is someone we should aspire to be. I love her

  80. johnny bladetv

    johnny bladetvMonth ago

    That Dave jacobs part was funny lol

  81. frank reayn

    frank reaynMonth ago

    breaking benjamin

  82. mastura ibrahim

    mastura ibrahimMonth ago

    travis scott sicko mode

  83. BMAN 1989

    BMAN 1989Month ago

    I’ve never played merio brothers

  84. Joshua Stewart

    Joshua StewartMonth ago

    risk of rain 2

  85. Hey that’s Pretty good

    Hey that’s Pretty goodMonth ago

    I laughed so hard

  86. Mimi Bradberry

    Mimi BradberryMonth ago

    This show ACTUALLY makes you LOL

  87. Moses

    MosesMonth ago

    27:15 1 ball barry doesn't know how the show works

  88. Eggward

    EggwardMonth ago

    No ball barry the trans icon

  89. Leo Felix

    Leo FelixMonth ago

    Lucy is an amazing lady. She might be Athena disguised as an old lady.



    system of a down toxicity

  91. JoshOfTheSouth

    JoshOfTheSouthMonth ago

    That godfather of soul had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  92. Krystle Cameron

    Krystle CameronMonth ago

    Teroilets lol it's toilets

  93. Expectations

    ExpectationsMonth ago

    lol. I am so glad that I could find this channel again. Thank you reddit, lol

  94. Falcon

    FalconMonth ago

    0:19 Joe NOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀😂

  95. Jordan Dill

    Jordan DillMonth ago

    they forgot someone...........LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. slayer 1990z

    slayer 1990zMonth ago

    The one with Dave jacobs was awesome you could tell how proud and happy he was

  97. Irish Made

    Irish MadeMonth ago

    Dave Jacob for president

  98. yoelvis entenza

    yoelvis entenzaMonth ago

    Bruh lucy a real one.

  99. jitter rocks

    jitter rocksMonth ago

    23:11 they didn't have to do that man lik that🤣🤣🤣

  100. jitter rocks

    jitter rocksMonth ago

    19:51 she gave him the same look both times that's the look my dad used to give me when I do sum stupid.

  101. jitter rocks

    jitter rocksMonth ago

    8:56 imagine people wondering who he's talking to🤣🤣🤣

  102. Andy Choy

    Andy ChoyMonth ago

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