Impractical Jokers - 10 Times The Guys Said No

The Jokers don't always do what they're told.
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If laughter is contagious, these guys should be quarantined! Q, Sal, Joe and Murr have entertained each other for years with the most hilarious practical jokes they could imagine. Now these real-life best friends are challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and uproarious stunts ever to be caught on hidden camera.

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Impractical Jokers - 10 Times The Guys Said No


  1. Aayush Rai

    Aayush Rai12 hours ago

    Gus Fring casually giving Joe a massage

  2. DKanaji

    DKanaji3 days ago

    at a time when Vine was still a thing🥺

  3. Christopher Jones

    Christopher Jones5 days ago

    Vine 🐣🐝🦆🦆

  4. Patrick Layman

    Patrick Layman8 days ago

    The oceanic chauffeur inadvertently rely because weather regretfully nest worth a wrong subway. symptomatic, sharp cylinder

  5. Li Koji

    Li Koji9 days ago

    The parallel pillow jointly pedal because population secondarily supply but a past karate. mean, hysterical grandfather

  6. Joshua james

    Joshua james12 days ago

    Sal's laughter at 1:06 is really rib tickling 😂

  7. Danielle Dugas

    Danielle Dugas20 days ago

    The aromatic reward empirically preserve because fuel behaviourally battle onto a creepy board. detailed, narrow rake

  8. JAK- 1525

    JAK- 152521 day ago

    They should’ve put the punishment where Q was in a baseball staduim and he had to decline a proposal, making the episode named “Just say *no* “.

  9. Jacob Williams

    Jacob Williams21 day ago

    We all know when joe says no,it’s too much

  10. Thecraigishere

    Thecraigishere25 days ago

    0:15 Twitter Facebook Instagram or what?????

  11. Bak Komak

    Bak Komak28 days ago

    The rebel quotation contextually battle because cocktail regionally tip near a delicate zoology. idiotic, overt vessel

  12. Leo Eschauzier

    Leo Eschauzier29 days ago

    "using twitter, facebook, instagram, or vine..." me: don't you dare remind me of a better time

  13. cbj324jkl234jk234

    cbj324jkl234jk234Month ago

    RIP vine

  14. Navreet Singh

    Navreet SinghMonth ago

    Thumbnail 😍🥰

  15. Braden Gamez

    Braden GamezMonth ago


  16. kassandra delarosa

    kassandra delarosaMonth ago

    RIP vine

  17. football legends

    football legendsMonth ago

    Me in 2020 did he vine extreme ptsd

  18. Z _OG

    Z _OGMonth ago

    I’m in 2020 watching this I just realized how old this is they said vine

  19. Tryshten Suazo

    Tryshten SuazoMonth ago

    listen if kissing another woman means that my only punishment is sleeping on the couch for the night. I think I'll be sleeping on the couch pretty often lol

  20. Aniruddh Chatterjee

    Aniruddh ChatterjeeMonth ago

    You know murr lost when he bends his head 45 degrees

  21. Roddy piper

    Roddy piperMonth ago

    Joe's got good morals

  22. Plaindrifter

    PlaindrifterMonth ago

    I'm literally in tears right now!

  23. Phoenix Adeney

    Phoenix AdeneyMonth ago

    0:16 Awwwww I remember vine 😥😥😥

  24. Skyrem 1243

    Skyrem 1243Month ago


  25. Jeffrey Torres

    Jeffrey TorresMonth ago

    Or vine😔

  26. Jack Rothrock

    Jack RothrockMonth ago

    I think Joe is the hardest to refuse.

  27. TaffyChu

    TaffyChuMonth ago

    Oh my goddd they said use vine

  28. Gamercam1024

    Gamercam1024Month ago

    God vine this video is old

  29. Budandbug Peecher

    Budandbug PeecherMonth ago

    To think Q and Joe lose less than Murray and Sal yet they appeared more on this list

  30. chance sellars

    chance sellarsMonth ago

    He said vine

  31. The Gaming Triangle

    The Gaming Triangle2 months ago

    damn he said using vine😔

  32. Hybrid Spektar

    Hybrid Spektar2 months ago

    Imagine kicking your husband to the couch because he won't kiss another woman.

  33. vague

    vague2 months ago

    When they say that stuff about vine I wanted to cry I miss it

  34. Elliot

    Elliot2 months ago

    RIP Vine

  35. shwowdy

    shwowdy2 months ago

    VINE NOOOO :(((((

  36. LDS ramon

    LDS ramon2 months ago


  37. jj unicorn

    jj unicorn2 months ago

    Joe said vine and I cried a little inside.

  38. E.B.A.H

    E.B.A.H2 months ago

    I'd say the guy that was willing to stab Q over a sand castle is more unhinged than what Q was doing in the 1st place🤣

  39. Ari

    Ari2 months ago

    Vine *cries in cursive*

  40. Robert Hindmon

    Robert Hindmon2 months ago

    Joe's wife is crazy beautiful


    IANNIANNIANN2 months ago

    Anyone watching during the election going just count already Nevada and also hearing them say “...or vine” and going damn this vid is that old

  42. r_ elentless01

    r_ elentless012 months ago

    Someone gimme that purple girls @

  43. Shattered-X Gaming

    Shattered-X Gaming2 months ago

    I would have tried to get away with it by saying “what style was your first wedding dress..... that you tried on”

  44. VeXx Specture

    VeXx Specture2 months ago

    Joe: or vine Me: 😢

  45. Imabreadoholic

    Imabreadoholic2 months ago

    Q and the puppy. Its very wholesome

  46. bassmaster117

    bassmaster1172 months ago

    Joe’s weakness is his family

  47. Winged Hussar

    Winged Hussar2 months ago

    "Hot girl" more like average girl in purple Joe wife is cute af and looks so anime

  48. Miguel Quazar

    Miguel Quazar2 months ago

    What style was your first wedding dress? Brutal!

  49. Irant

    Irant2 months ago

    The fact that they said "and vine" means 2015 was a lot longer ago than it feels

  50. Adam Gamez

    Adam Gamez2 months ago

    Joe is by far the funniest and will do the craziest things, but I feel like the guys always push him to the limit 🤣🤣🤣

  51. Ak Sharma

    Ak Sharma2 months ago

    I think Joe's wife movement was cute.......

  52. Clay Burns

    Clay Burns2 months ago

    Jesus saves.

  53. The Player Guy

    The Player Guy3 months ago

    Joe smelled the guys seat and still lost omg 😂

  54. Glenn Ztein

    Glenn ZteinMonth ago

    He have to ask the guy to get up and smell the sit lol.

  55. Faraz Mohamed

    Faraz Mohamed3 months ago

    Joe is such a good husband

  56. porpus99

    porpus993 months ago

    I think they missed the bit that was easiest to say 'NO' to. It was an episode where they were working in a Burger place and Q's dad walked in. Sal wanted him to ask his dad "Whats up pops, do you and mom still poke". Of course he couldnt do it, but just the thought of having to do that causes pain.

  57. The Guardian

    The Guardian3 months ago

    But Q didn’t say no to putting cross on kids paintings. That is a lot worse than most of these.

  58. James Sumner

    James Sumner3 months ago

    You know the video didn’t aged well when they say “Share it on Vine”

  59. Jess

    Jess4 months ago

    joe's standards are so weird

  60. Nipun Chandrawansa

    Nipun Chandrawansa4 months ago

    I loved the tattoo and the security guard smack down

  61. Big Mamoose

    Big Mamoose4 months ago

    The chair sniff was by far the sickest crap 😭🤢

  62. D2x

    D2x4 months ago


  63. Marc

    Marc4 months ago

    RIP Vine

  64. Gim Lee

    Gim Lee4 months ago

    Geico? No thanks ill stick to skipping the ad

  65. xdsmastermia

    xdsmastermia4 months ago

    Qs don't panic t shirt! epic. go SpaceX!

  66. Erik Lakeland

    Erik Lakeland4 months ago

    3:39 The contrast between “What style was your first wedding dress?” and “Now this one’s flowy” LMAO

  67. Justin E

    Justin E4 months ago

    I knew the wedding dress one had to be here

  68. Ryan Scarington

    Ryan Scarington4 months ago

    Why Joe’s wife look just like him 😭

  69. Sam Gomez

    Sam Gomez4 months ago

    I'm not someone who normally laughs out loud a lot but I was literally tearing up during the dentist one.

  70. I hate you Bitch

    I hate you Bitch4 months ago

    Vine 😢

  71. Jonathan Esser

    Jonathan Esser5 months ago

    I heard Joe refused a punishment being a stripper with antihistamines. Is this true?

  72. Jeremiah Noar

    Jeremiah Noar5 months ago

    Joe may be shameless but he is not an idiot.

  73. Super sour Lemons

    Super sour Lemons5 months ago

    Vine 😭

  74. Neptune

    Neptune5 months ago

    I love how nice theyfare after they record

  75. AquanautOrange

    AquanautOrange5 months ago

    Vine haha

  76. Nathan Lomnicky

    Nathan Lomnicky5 months ago

    “Or vine”

  77. IckeSaNicke

    IckeSaNicke5 months ago

    Ledgend has it that the guy in the dental chair is still in it.

  78. Nathan The Cheese Martinez

    Nathan The Cheese Martinez5 months ago

    During the years of vine

  79. BestoftheBecks

    BestoftheBecks5 months ago

    The jokers greatest fears Sal: Cats and germs Murr: Heights Q: Spiders, specifically tarantulas Joe: Wife

  80. Ahmet Varge

    Ahmet Varge5 months ago

    Joe has the hottest girl on the earth...

  81. Ed Smythe

    Ed Smythe5 months ago

    Joey “Clamato “

  82. HonourMate

    HonourMate5 months ago

    Use *vine*

  83. Paranormal Things._.

    Paranormal Things._.5 months ago

    Joe’s kid is so cute i just wanna hug her

  84. Andrew Rank

    Andrew Rank5 months ago


  85. Anton Chigurh

    Anton Chigurh5 months ago

    Joe probably slept on the couch anyway for calling her hot

  86. Dan

    Dan5 months ago

    Twitter Facebook Instagram or VINE😢 I feel old

  87. Divology

    Divology6 months ago

    "or vine"

  88. Marben

    Marben6 months ago

    Rip vine

  89. Masicampo, Fransisco II L.

    Masicampo, Fransisco II L.6 months ago

    When Joe says no, THATS RARE

  90. Ryan Fiore

    Ryan Fiore6 months ago

    The best was when they did the ice cream shop and the black dude walked in and Q told Murr to say, “let me guess, chocolate?”

  91. aazz0099503

    aazz00995036 months ago

    It’s something else when joe says no

  92. Meilad Azimee

    Meilad Azimee6 months ago

    Oof vine

  93. Akai Ika

    Akai Ika6 months ago

    Whats vine?

  94. Olivia

    Olivia6 months ago

    1:50 the way he said no 🥺

  95. Shreenath Ranganathan

    Shreenath Ranganathan6 months ago

    If it's something Joe won't do, then it shouldn't be done

  96. Xzaveon's Life

    Xzaveon's Life6 months ago

    Damn, 0:13 "share on vine" this is hella old haha

  97. Preiset

    Preiset2 days ago

    @HazbinJoy should've been

  98. Leo SRL300

    Leo SRL300Month ago

    @Slappist I guess everything gets old after a while lol

  99. HazbinJoy

    HazbinJoyMonth ago

    @Leo SRL300 Tik Tok was not banned oofie

  100. Bleach

    Bleach2 months ago

    Ikr lmao

  101. Slappist

    Slappist3 months ago

    @Leo SRL300 I think you’re comment about tik ton ban is old too now

  102. luketran11

    luketran116 months ago

    Lol vine

  103. Exotic Flores

    Exotic Flores6 months ago

    This is blue balls

  104. Couer Garnet

    Couer Garnet6 months ago

    Last the was so simple but so brutal

  105. TheD Chugz

    TheD Chugz6 months ago

    Joe would if his wife wasn’t there

  106. ty pfeufer

    ty pfeufer6 months ago

    I would be the most ruthless