Impractical Jokers - The Name Game - Greatest Hits | truTV

The guys try not to laugh as they take turns looking for David Krappenschitz, Sharty Waffles, Colonel Indiana Longnuts, Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico, Diddy Doodat, and Uncle Boobs.
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Meet Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, four longtime friends who star in the hit truTV hidden camera show Impractical Jokers. In each episode, they compete to embarrass each other in a series of hilariously humiliating challenges and outrageous dares, all to the amusement and consternation of the general public. At the end of every episode, the biggest loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions. They have to say it. They have to do it. You have to see it!
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Impractical Jokers - The Name Game - Greatest Hits | truTV


  1. Mr.Narwhal Animation Co.

    Mr.Narwhal Animation Co.10 hours ago

    Aunt Tim

  2. Kids falling off bikes

    Kids falling off bikes16 hours ago

    I like how trutv’s youtube is nothing but IJ but they have so many more shows

  3. Tanner Abdon

    Tanner Abdon22 hours ago


  4. boiled eggs

    boiled eggsDay ago

    Joe cheats a little bit, because he reads the name first before saying it so he doesn't laugh; unlike the other guys who say them right away making them funnier.

  5. James Bean

    James BeanDay ago

    “Sparkles, settle down” 😂😂😂

  6. Jack Rothrock

    Jack RothrockDay ago

    I think I speak for everybody when I say the impractical jokers never fail to entertain.

  7. silky lovestodraw

    silky lovestodraw2 days ago


  8. David Krappenschitz

    David Krappenschitz2 days ago

    Damn, I thought the appointment was on Wednesday

  9. Polish hammer

    Polish hammer2 days ago

    My favorite was Darcy O'Queef

  10. avinash

    avinash4 days ago

    Is there a Mr Name? Chinese Name?

  11. Mahesh Perumalla

    Mahesh Perumalla4 days ago

    12:56 SAL SPOTTED.

  12. Mihaela T

    Mihaela T5 days ago

    Jabreakit Jubawdit 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. maxwell firestine

    maxwell firestine5 days ago

    i forgot about cranjis mcbasketball

  14. FilledSplifs420

    FilledSplifs4206 days ago

    Tammy BundleBalls!!!!

  15. Adam Toms

    Adam Toms6 days ago

    Count Ravioli? Yes? Count Ravioli?! No. Stefano

  16. Ryder Wilson

    Ryder Wilson7 days ago

    Chinese name killed me😂

  17. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk7 days ago

    Bicurious George is literal genius

  18. JaceD4V1S88

    JaceD4V1S888 days ago

    Melba Moses Wolfenstein....hahahahahahahahaahah!

  19. Pepsithegoat

    Pepsithegoat8 days ago

    Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico

  20. Кирилл Векшин

    Кирилл Векшин9 days ago

    thomas rhett


    TXC CARNAGE9 days ago

    Uncle Jemimah

  22. Trey Baker

    Trey Baker9 days ago

    My next order at McDonald's is going to be a Beefy McWhatnow with fries and a coke.

  23. OTS

    OTS10 days ago

    Lets play the Name, Game , I love you, More lets call out names

  24. Damon Prasad

    Damon Prasad10 days ago

    “Are they giving us nicknames?”🤣🤣

  25. rap the wrapper

    rap the wrapper11 days ago

    Chinese name is the funniest in my opinion

  26. Rory Mummer

    Rory Mummer12 days ago

    Hello? Uh... is there a... Japachi Nesenese? Mr. Nesenese? Are you there?

  27. Вера Калашникова

    Вера Калашникова12 days ago

    “Sparkles, settle down” 😂😂😂

  28. Óttar Snær Yngvason

    Óttar Snær Yngvason12 days ago

    Hot take: this bit isn't that funny

  29. What? No!

    What? No!13 days ago

    10:18 nah bro this isn’t about you

  30. GramSxG

    GramSxG13 days ago

    1:57 Joe: "David Krappenschitz..." Sal: *D E A D* 😂🤣🤣

  31. Lisa Preslar

    Lisa Preslar13 days ago

    At this tomottow lind m

  32. Mac Ledram

    Mac Ledram13 days ago

    Wheres mother coconut?

  33. Aften Summers

    Aften Summers14 days ago

    Captain Melvin Seahorse!!!! My fav!!!!!

  34. vigil burger

    vigil burger15 days ago

    a Chinese name killed me

  35. 안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago

    안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago15 days ago

    Sal is just adorable

  36. Matthew Choder

    Matthew Choder15 days ago

    I'm literally crying when joe said aunt tim

  37. SoupinNile

    SoupinNile15 days ago

    Gucci Membrane

  38. Senagrade

    Senagrade15 days ago

    David krappenshcitz

  39. Mostly Music and Me

    Mostly Music and Me16 days ago

    I love these guys.. they’re a real tonic!

  40. Faceass10

    Faceass1016 days ago


  41. NAAT _.

    NAAT _.16 days ago

    You have to read about islam and im proud to be muslim Go and listen to Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Sheikh Zakir Naik and Sheikh Yusuf astas

  42. Jake Vander Ploeg

    Jake Vander Ploeg17 days ago

    Captain Melvin Seahorse is the most underrated name in here😂

  43. Pablo Pack

    Pablo Pack18 days ago

    Stunk beagle, moist kite, and Chinese name are the best

  44. Kurt Rhim

    Kurt Rhim19 days ago

    Chinese name is #3 of all time

  45. Jesse McVey

    Jesse McVey22 days ago

    try going from start to end without laughing I can easily it's hard

  46. Richard Wingo

    Richard Wingo23 days ago

    Real talk "Cowabunga Peppermill" would make a great name for a band!

  47. k

    k23 days ago

    I needed ideas for my horse name in red dead redemption

  48. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L16 days ago

    Mahfat ride

  49. k

    k21 day ago

    @poopley it wouldn’t fit too many letters

  50. poopley

    poopley22 days ago

    High Priestess Gabagool the Stallion

  51. Bill Ob

    Bill Ob23 days ago

    Love these challenges! If you have ever watched The Wire I think Prop Joe would be amazing in this, Sydney Handjerker was one of his

  52. Slade Wright

    Slade Wright23 days ago

    jabreakit jubawdit had me

  53. Вера Калашникова

    Вера Калашникова23 days ago

    They should have one actor in the lobby who pretends to have one of the names 😂

  54. PT

    PT23 days ago

    Chinese name ffffffffffff

  55. zGoat

    zGoat25 days ago

    Gregory.. Gregory Poopsicle! Gregory.

  56. Maitrik P

    Maitrik P26 days ago

    My 2 faves are "Imafraid Juumitebeinagang" and "Disfatt Bidge"

  57. usman khan

    usman khan26 days ago

    prakash indeep doo doo

  58. Michael Horgan

    Michael Horgan27 days ago


  59. Samuel Amato

    Samuel Amato27 days ago

    “Sparkles settle down” lmaoo

  60. Mark Necro

    Mark Necro28 days ago

    Secret agent randy beans

  61. Ananya Sen

    Ananya Sen29 days ago

    Sparkles really needs to settle down!!

  62. XxWester_GamingxX 93

    XxWester_GamingxX 93Month ago


  63. Alexander Bean

    Alexander BeanMonth ago

    Detective Bluto Mindpretzel is the GOAT

  64. Burnsy Boyy

    Burnsy BoyyMonth ago

    10:55 Chinese Name? I’m Dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Jess Reeb

    Jess ReebMonth ago

    The way sal falls is the best thing on the show

  66. Akabearclaw

    AkabearclawMonth ago

    My favorite of all

  67. McMorrison

    McMorrisonMonth ago

    They should have some actors in the room that stand up when their name is called

  68. Batmobile

    BatmobileMonth ago

    my favorite names: Chinese name Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico Imafraid Jumitebeinagang Crangis Mcbasketball Mary Beth BethBeth

  69. Beefy McWhatNow Jr.

    Beefy McWhatNow Jr.Month ago

    6:46 my dad never showed up

  70. Josh Tresky

    Josh TreskyMonth ago


  71. SeanTheMan1

    SeanTheMan1Month ago

    They literally have the best job, acting like children all day making fun of their friends & getting paid for it.

  72. Alex L

    Alex LMonth ago


  73. LickAturd SmellAfart

    LickAturd SmellAfartMonth ago

    Who thought that calling out random made up names would be the funniest challenge ever..?!

  74. j cucch

    j cucchMonth ago

    melba moses wolfenstein is the best name of all times hands down

  75. Scumbad

    ScumbadMonth ago

    1:10 Sounds like a mammone

  76. mansoorkhan balail

    mansoorkhan balailMonth ago

    No doubt,Joe is a real badass.Man!I need that Confidence🤒🤒🤒

  77. Mahesh Perumalla

    Mahesh PerumallaMonth ago

    Wandamian Crucifixplate

  78. Essam Allawi

    Essam AllawiMonth ago

    Sparkles, settle down!

  79. Champagne Papi

    Champagne PapiMonth ago

    Mother coconuts is still undefeated

  80. Apertod

    ApertodMonth ago


  81. Cupcake Prime

    Cupcake PrimeMonth ago

    I knew a guy named voltron

  82. Baby TView

    Baby TViewMonth ago Subs to me or i will throw this drink at you !

  83. Randy Angel

    Randy AngelMonth ago

    Denise Fat😂😂😂😂

  84. Homer Simpson

    Homer SimpsonMonth ago

    Damn shawty will always be my favorite 😂😂

  85. Anthony Soto

    Anthony SotoMonth ago

    Damm Shawty 8:55

  86. Sarvanu Choudhury

    Sarvanu ChoudhuryMonth ago

    Prakash In-deep dodo, Chinese Name🤣🤣🤣

  87. Chayanika Hazra

    Chayanika HazraMonth ago

    Ricky Ticky Bobby Wobbin 😂

  88. Oscar Shrestha

    Oscar ShresthaMonth ago

    Mother coconuts

  89. Logan Horton

    Logan HortonMonth ago

    3:34 Joe's laugh

  90. Logan Horton

    Logan HortonMonth ago

    3:32 Sharty Waffles

  91. Jim Thompson

    Jim ThompsonMonth ago

    TruTV another greedy cable channel that has greedy ads on their USloft channel. Fatass pieces of crap.

  92. Kuldip Prashar

    Kuldip PrasharMonth ago

    I have a crush on Tristin Ma... sorry Lucy, I mean Lucy. 💓

  93. Big D Kurtia

    Big D KurtiaMonth ago

    Grapes bedragginalong

  94. 083_Kishan Bhatt

    083_Kishan BhattMonth ago

    The 5 Best Names: 5. Oprahs 4. Wandamian Crucifixplate 3. High Priestess Gabagool 2. Jabreakit Jubawdit 1. Imafraid Jumitebeinagang Hnble Mentions (Disfatt Bidge) (Chinese Name) 😂😂😂😂😂

  95. Coco _Playz

    Coco _PlayzMonth ago

    Who else watched these guys as a kid/child

  96. wrecking ball Jones

    wrecking ball JonesMonth ago

    Needed this laugh to start my day.these guys never fail.😄😄

  97. David DeLuca

    David DeLucaMonth ago

    Is there a peppercorn bingbong?

  98. Miamiheat9517

    Miamiheat9517Month ago

    If they saw the spelling it would be funnier

  99. Lil Panda402

    Lil Panda402Month ago

    Is there a Chinese name 🤣🤣

  100. usman khan

    usman khanMonth ago

    prakash indeep doo doo

  101. Jay Park

    Jay ParkMonth ago

    I come back to this video every month to remind myself not to take life too seriously, never fails

  102. Denis Newborn

    Denis NewbornMonth ago

    They should do a version of this counting the number of times the people waiting laugh.

  103. Nick Valerio12

    Nick Valerio12Month ago

    Best name ever: Adolf Shitler.