Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Price Gouging With a Smile | truTV

Q and Sal try to get customers to pay ridiculous extra fees on their dinner bills. #truTV #Insidejokes
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Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes - Price Gouging With a Smile | truTV


  1. Konrad von Marburg

    Konrad von Marburg5 days ago

    That woman with Sal has a good sense of humour. Good to see people like that.

  2. Conservative EE Patrick

    Conservative EE Patrick13 days ago

    The impractical jokers are conservatives and we love them for it.

  3. Shaun Brown

    Shaun Brown13 days ago

    A double dip, and a double Dutch..... 😂

  4. anoop gec

    anoop gec13 days ago

    I love you guys

  5. vijayaraghavan ck

    vijayaraghavan ck16 days ago

    Will they give their money back after the show?

  6. zuhn

    zuhn16 days ago

    I watched this

  7. Natalia Huerta

    Natalia Huerta14 days ago


  8. Keshawn gzz

    Keshawn gzz17 days ago

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  9. Alexei Kuznetsov

    Alexei Kuznetsov20 days ago

    This couple is proof that not all boomers suck.

  10. Paige Turner

    Paige Turner22 days ago

    “Just noticed people been using cellphone a lot and were like NOPEE” 😂 my life in a statement

  11. Aden Valento

    Aden Valento24 days ago


  12. Viktor

    Viktor25 days ago


  13. Melanie George

    Melanie George28 days ago

    The puny british anatomically scribble because shoulder steadily ask after a cultured pleasure. nebulous, different donna

  14. Joseph Tripp

    Joseph TrippMonth ago

    I went out to eat last week and there was a 4 dollar fee for taking my coat off...

  15. FunFair Chan

    FunFair ChanMonth ago

    I'm Chinese and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how does gou chu mean check out, I think they mean "勾出", which mean to tick out something, and it sounds completely different.

  16. Gurosama Bltch

    Gurosama Bltch9 days ago

    it''s mandarin

  17. Hannah A.

    Hannah A.Month ago

    She is amazing . Omg Sal😂

  18. Sdot Man

    Sdot ManMonth ago

    Someone who can laugh as happily and sincerely over that when being overcharged is an amazing level of happiness and serenity in life. Respect.

  19. 2012Numo

    2012NumoMonth ago

    The lady on Sal's turn is awesome!

  20. Lorenzo Doesn't Exist

    Lorenzo Doesn't ExistMonth ago

    "It's highlighted, so it's transparent."

  21. Clay Burns

    Clay BurnsMonth ago

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  22. Nariko Sellards

    Nariko SellardsMonth ago

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  23. FireFoxuser2

    FireFoxuser2Month ago

    This was a good job by everyone

  24. airkuna

    airkunaMonth ago

    i don't really like old women , they're miserable but this lady was cool :DDDDDD

  25. Maiya Burgess

    Maiya BurgessMonth ago

    I always got frustrated with this one cause I bet the customers would pay if Cole never offered for them to not pay it

  26. Zulaiha Rizvik

    Zulaiha RizvikMonth ago

    Here’s how much money I’ll give to keep this show alive 👇

  27. Brit 'n Yank

    Brit 'n YankMonth ago

    OMG humans are so stupid.

  28. Dharmik Joshi

    Dharmik JoshiMonth ago

    I'll take the last couple as my grandparents current ones are defective and i wanna return them.

  29. Dharmik Joshi

    Dharmik JoshiMonth ago

    @Jeremy C sorry for your loss grandparents hold Grandchild Roasting Session whenever they come over and fight wherever they go for any minor inconvenience like in hotels the bedsheet wasn't white or in restaurants the food wasn't upto their expectations is a regular

  30. Jeremy C

    Jeremy CMonth ago

    Same here, but mine are dead and God won't let me return them

  31. Aaron Martinez

    Aaron MartinezMonth ago

    Shes like a karen but with a sense of humor. Guys i think karens are evolving!!!

  32. BWall Films

    BWall FilmsMonth ago

    so how is she like a karen?😂 she’s literally the opposite


    HEISEN BERGMonth ago

    Omg her laugh 😆 She is amazing

  34. Quang Ha

    Quang HaMonth ago

    God bless that woman 😌

  35. Mohammed Al-dulijan

    Mohammed Al-dulijanMonth ago

    They are awesome i hope they ate for free

  36. Nicholas Oh

    Nicholas OhMonth ago

    "It's the gou chu"

  37. Sandra the Fierce

    Sandra the FierceMonth ago

    I'd pay that gouge because it was adorably done and highly entertaining. I miss banter I got with people (in customer service industry) in my homecountry Serbia... We appreciate silliness and reward it 🤣😂

  38. Adam zoabi

    Adam zoabiMonth ago

    This woman has the best sense of humor!

  39. ps

    psMonth ago

    Is it just me, cos I want #YouGotGouged to happen to me ("DO I??!") too!?🤗🤩😹 #FOMO #Gouged #YouGotGouge #GOUGE! #GouChu 🍜 🇨🇳

  40. Gurosama Bltch

    Gurosama Bltch9 days ago


  41. Shane Motsapole

    Shane MotsapoleMonth ago

    Q kinda hot 👀

  42. Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan LeeMonth ago

    Ummm......"gao chu" is not Chinese. Dont know where they're getting their "intel" but darn are they wrong.

  43. Piyamit

    PiyamitMonth ago

    Omg.. that couple was so nice!

  44. Ashish

    AshishMonth ago

    Is the new season out or this is old clip

  45. Ryan Blaschke

    Ryan BlaschkeMonth ago

    Old clip from Season 8, right now they are just pushing out new Inside Jokes episodes for season 8 until season 9 premieres next year (i think February 8 or something)

  46. Ricardo Oliva

    Ricardo OlivaMonth ago

    The last couple was just wholesome

  47. Nicholas Oh

    Nicholas OhMonth ago

    It’s pretty cool that Matt Damon works at a restaurant in his downtime who would have thunk

  48. king ghost

    king ghostMonth ago

    If anyone wants to watch this show or any other shows and movies all for free go to this website if you see pop ups it’s fine it doesn’t do anything to your device 3 or 4 will show up and the movie or show will start

  49. searats20

    searats20Month ago

    "a 4 dollar price gouge" lool, not even hiding it

  50. Delicious Cheeseburger

    Delicious CheeseburgerMonth ago

    1:57 🤣🤣

  51. Euqueubi Lopez

    Euqueubi LopezMonth ago

    We need more people like that woman

  52. Joe P

    Joe PMonth ago

    I don't know why, but I kinda want to be gouged as long as it's transparent.

  53. Maui Randall

    Maui RandallMonth ago

    Remember last couple is so nice I love how the woman got the joke right away

  54. abu; berhanu

    abu; berhanuMonth ago

    waaaw i think i want to do some of it but am not sour if i can you are so good at it

  55. Anim e

    Anim eMonth ago


  56. Benjamin Nguyen

    Benjamin NguyenMonth ago

    Honesty is always the best policy!

  57. Taylor

    TaylorMonth ago

    The way Cole says “gouge you” after being corrected doesn’t even sound like English lmao

  58. J Irving

    J Irving20 days ago

    Gou chu

  59. Alexei Kuznetsov

    Alexei KuznetsovMonth ago

    Yeah that guy’s brain stopped working for a bit.

  60. Cademan Caden

    Cademan CadenMonth ago

    I loved that woman. She was awesome. One of my favorite responses.

  61. Ra John

    Ra JohnMonth ago

    Nicest couple!

  62. Motley Stew

    Motley StewMonth ago

    Wow.. they didn’t even have to say that it’s a covid fee. 💡 🤔

  63. Michael Garant Media

    Michael Garant MediaMonth ago

    Were these shows made after the covid 19 virus popped up, earlier in the year? I don't see anyone wearing masks, social distancing or taking precautions. Business as usual. And they wonder why the US has the highest number of covid cases and deaths in the world.

  64. Grise Blacolar

    Grise BlacolarMonth ago

    So he was that "Matt Damon" in that reservation punishment.

  65. NotSoTipical

    NotSoTipicalMonth ago

    I really want to see the other 2 guys doing this. More please!

  66. heystirke300

    heystirke300Month ago

    As a chinese person I have no idea what “gou chu” is lol certainly not check out in Cantonese or mandarin 😅

  67. Vertigo x

    Vertigo xMonth ago

    That lady is the perfect example for 'don't judge a book by its cover' :))

  68. Taha Afzal

    Taha AfzalMonth ago

    What is gouge? Can anyone plz tell me

  69. ItalianoVeroAceHigh

    ItalianoVeroAceHighMonth ago

    To be charged an amount of money that is too excessive for no acceptable reason.

  70. Raquel Rivera

    Raquel RiveraMonth ago

    I think this challenge was just a way from the jokers to get more money

  71. The Depressed Cat

    The Depressed CatMonth ago

    4 dollars here in india is like 250 rupees. Being of indian origin, its really hard to get a rupee as tip out of anyone. The fact that not keeping tips is like a crime in America is crazy af

  72. The Depressed Cat

    The Depressed CatMonth ago

    @Varun Gupta I know right

  73. Varun Gupta

    Varun GuptaMonth ago

    ... ₹310 bruv :| That's like a whole meal for 2 here...

  74. Budget Productions

    Budget ProductionsMonth ago

    was the mic hidden in the checkbook?



    1:56 😂and 2:44

  76. Michael Voorhees

    Michael VoorheesMonth ago

    Not to be racist or anything, but asian people is 2:45

  77. The BigNut

    The BigNutMonth ago

    Let's all agree that the reason we're all subscribed to truTV is for impractical joker clips

  78. nlolhere

    nlolhere4 days ago

    @Peteypanda 666 Yes, unfortunately. Trust me, this show is the best thing you’re ever gonna find on this network.

  79. Justin Time

    Justin TimeMonth ago

    You're subscribed?

  80. Peteypanda 666

    Peteypanda 666Month ago

    They have other shows???

  81. Wai Wal

    Wai WalMonth ago

    as a chinese i have no idea what is gou chu

  82. Cake walk

    Cake walkMonth ago

    i love this show ❤️

  83. Chris Mathew

    Chris MathewMonth ago

    It's amazing how the relatively more reasonable request (mobile phone fees) was rejected, and the other one gleefully accepted!

  84. P4NDA

    P4NDAMonth ago

    That lady and her laugh lmao.. she must be super cool

  85. Brendan Schoen

    Brendan SchoenMonth ago

    Lovin' that gouge.

  86. krysttna J Lheureux

    krysttna J LheureuxMonth ago

    0:39 I finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  87. Brett Smith

    Brett SmithMonth ago

    Yeah cause someone’s really gonna insist on paying a bogus ass charge like that

  88. Yesimakunt Sh

    Yesimakunt ShMonth ago

    i mean, did you not watch the video?

  89. Austin powers

    Austin powersMonth ago

    I loveee these guys

  90. Dejanae Weathersby

    Dejanae WeathersbyMonth ago

    hold up, who is this cole and what other video clips is he in 👀 asking for a friend

  91. avinash

    avinashMonth ago

    Her laughter is contagious

  92. First Name

    First NameMonth ago

    Oh..Man...I Wish I Could Meet These 4..... They Are The Real Fantastic Four❤️❤️

  93. kevonc

    kevoncMonth ago

    Wait why did Q lose if the customer was willing to pay it??

  94. kevonc

    kevoncMonth ago

    @Sachin Stanislaus Ah, I heard "I'm willing"

  95. Sachin Stanislaus

    Sachin StanislausMonth ago

    the guy said he was unwilling, not willing

  96. Nada Hasan

    Nada HasanMonth ago

    Clogs up the wholeeee network 😂😂

  97. Alec Woolston

    Alec WoolstonMonth ago

    I love that woman's laugh. What a treasure.

  98. Munchichi

    MunchichiMonth ago

    He's way cuter than Matt Damon even when Matt was the producers age. I don't think they look alike honestly.

  99. Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

    Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!Month ago

    *It’s pretty cool that Matt Damon works at a restaurant in his downtime who would have thunk*

  100. Pravesh Maharaj

    Pravesh Maharaj15 days ago

    he also works security at politician debates.



    @Happy Seedlen But it's real.

  102. Happy Seedlen

    Happy SeedlenMonth ago

    I never seen the word "THUNK" used before. omg crazy world..

  103. 00waterski00

    00waterski00Month ago

    how u like dem apples



    I don't watch TV since it's 20th Century and obsolete. What's a Matt Damon?

  105. Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

    Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!Month ago

    Holy crap a Jokers clip I haven’t seen before!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  106. April Fendy

    April FendyMonth ago

    @Account not found , oof i feel bad for the person who made a simple comment about IJ posting a vid they've never seen before. Politics, race and Jesus suddenly got brought up lmao. That person who brought the extras up really got butt hurt! 😂

  107. Account not found

    Account not foundMonth ago

    @Naveen Raji Eapen I don’t even know anything about you all I know is that your insane talking about skin color when we weren’t even talking about that

  108. Naveen Raji Eapen

    Naveen Raji EapenMonth ago

    @Account not found yep. Nice comeback. Keep spreading hate in Jesus's name. Sad how people cant have feelings for others coz of the colour of their skin or coz of their religion or sexual orientation.

  109. Account not found

    Account not foundMonth ago

    @Naveen Raji Eapen You’re literally insane

  110. Naveen Raji Eapen

    Naveen Raji EapenMonth ago

    @Account not found Thats your best comeback right? I was a trumpet until corona came along. You guys are following a cult. Whatever that fool does is your command. Get out off your tiny mind space and think about all the other people living in this world for once.

  111. Ali Jawad

    Ali JawadMonth ago

    Atleast show us the full challenge

  112. Sam Blitz

    Sam BlitzMonth ago

    Loved her Laugh xD

  113. Rob Gleason

    Rob GleasonMonth ago

    next time jokers have them pay extra for the amount of time they were sitting

  114. Jeezus 12

    Jeezus 12Month ago

    The woman’s laugh gets to me 😂

  115. IcyBrash

    IcyBrashMonth ago

    A future millionaire will like this comment

  116. Ramses DS

    Ramses DSMonth ago

    Wait, why is there no outside food/drinks allowed because it's a kosher place? Is it secure every shekel possible? Help me out guys.

  117. BONee

    BONeeMonth ago

    I'm not Jewish but I assumed it was because the owner was very religious so they didn't want non-kosher food to be eaten in their food place. I've never seen a place that allows outside food though which makes this information redundant, at least for me.

  118. Dylan Clarke

    Dylan ClarkeMonth ago

    What season is this from? Episode?

  119. Ryan Blaschke

    Ryan BlaschkeMonth ago

    Season 8 Episode 15 “The Prize Fighter”

  120. AdditionAddict

    AdditionAddictMonth ago

    respect the price gouge

  121. theone2be33

    theone2be33Month ago

    $4 upcharge. Its transparent. You've been gouged!

  122. Andrea

    AndreaMonth ago

    Sal price gouge was hilarious! She was making me crack up just by her laugh!😂

  123. Spir.Tar. Herc.

    Spir.Tar. Herc.Month ago

    Dear Impractical Jokers and crew: I am writing to you today in the hope that you will give my friend and I the same job as the Impractical Jokers. I am in no way saying to retire the guys and replace them with my friend and I. Simply giving us the same occupation, maybe work along side the guys idk. We have been friends for many years now and pranks/funniness is what we like to do. I think it would be a overall great experience for all involved. This is not my first time making this comment on a video and some other commenters have told me to work hard on USloft and create my own success and I have started the work toward that. To be clear the videos on this channel so far are not prank related. That being said I find them valuable and will try to make more in the upcoming future.

  124. Chimes

    ChimesMonth ago

    Two types of people in this world: -You, who asks to be handed things because you think you are worth it -Impractical Jokers crew, who worked hard for many years to prove they are worth it and built something special from the ground up Since you claim to make this comment on every one of their videos, I guess I'll copy and paste this comment any time I see yours.

  125. Europpa

    EuroppaMonth ago

    Okay, I have to ask, why isn't anyone in this video wearing masks??

  126. ezioaltairac

    ezioaltairacMonth ago

    This was recorded more than two years ago.

  127. Nick H

    Nick HMonth ago

    Its an older episode.

  128. The Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Effect

    The Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ EffectMonth ago

    What gouge mean ? Clear the table

  129. Munchichi

    MunchichiMonth ago

    Why not show all 4 jokers doing the same challenge being they all did it !??!

  130. Jeremy C

    Jeremy CMonth ago

    @Munchichi Quit gouging them and get a sub already

  131. Mc Tobi

    Mc TobiMonth ago

    @Munchichi do you have a link for it?^^

  132. Munchichi

    MunchichiMonth ago

    @Zagradovska no, only season 1 is on Netflix. It's not about showing us the whole thing so much as it's missing essential parts and to edit out parts like that while not including other parts at all doesn't make logical sense. Like when Joe did this challenge they edited out a few key seconds. In murrs Yanney scene they edited out a few important seconds too that really added to the joke. Whomever at true tv that is editing the USloft videos before posting clearly has no sense of humor to be removing such key bits.

  133. Zagradovska

    ZagradovskaMonth ago

    @Munchichi isnt the whole show free on netflix or their site?

  134. Munchichi

    MunchichiMonth ago

    @Mc Tobi i can find Joe's which was awesome but i can't find Murrs. Tru t.v. is super annoying. They also edit them down on USloft. Like on Joe's same challenge they took off a few seconds when the daughter and mom exchanged a few words & glances as a result of Joe asking her to pay the "gouge fee."

  135. crashyyy

    crashyyyMonth ago


  136. aviwe sincadu

    aviwe sincaduMonth ago

    Yeah, but how were they able to record the couple's conversation while they were seated at the table?🤔 I'm led to believe that the scene was staged😒

  137. MsAmique

    MsAmiqueMonth ago

    Trying too hard to be like Punk'd

  138. Chimes

    ChimesMonth ago

    Well when you run over 200 episodes, eventually they may do some things similar to a show that only ran less than 100.

  139. Orlando Reyes

    Orlando ReyesMonth ago

    Is this a new episode

  140. Ryan Blaschke

    Ryan BlaschkeMonth ago

    This is from Season 8 so no

  141. bentskies

    bentskiesMonth ago

    Based on the lack of masks, I'd say this was in the before times

  142. Mr OpZz

    Mr OpZzMonth ago

    Even the workers don't have masks! Is corona over? I'm confused.. 😦

  143. Mr OpZz

    Mr OpZzMonth ago

    @Wise Boi ohh I see 😮

  144. Wise Boi

    Wise BoiMonth ago

    This is a past episode