Impractical Jokers: Bad Parenting Skills (Mashup) | truTV

The Impractical Jokers don’t exactly have an ideal parenting style, but this mashup of their worst parenting moments will make you die of laughter.
0:00 - Q Crushes Kids’ Dreams With the Red X
4:00 - Q is a Disturbed Children’s Book Author
7:55 - Q Looks for the Dirty Diaper
12:53 - Joe’s Daughter Runs Wild
14:55 - 3 Men and Your Baby
16:23 - Joe Reads His Daughter’s Diary
18:05 - Joe the Superdad
23:03 - Sal and Murr Read Their Daughter’s Diaries
28:01 - Back Up Your Daughter
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Impractical Jokers: Bad Parenting Skills (Mashup) | truTV


  1. samuel ojum

    samuel ojum18 hours ago

    Sal's neice is such a cutie pie!

  2. andrew diaz

    andrew diaz19 hours ago

    Q is just like im sorry and the kid is all like DONT DARE TOUCH MY PAINTING .

  3. kk Lonewolfer

    kk LonewolferDay ago

    I little to far with kids

  4. Cameron Pritula1245

    Cameron Pritula12453 days ago

    The first one was harsh even the devil wouldn't do it

  5. Joseph Crawford

    Joseph Crawford3 days ago

    They’re all evil for the first one

  6. Brenay Y

    Brenay Y4 days ago

    Okay but Joe’s daughter shouting “daddy” as she ran to him was so cute. 🥺

  7. Annie Picco

    Annie Picco5 days ago

    The first one hurt to watch tbh lol

  8. Emma N

    Emma N5 days ago

    21:05 Sims Freeplay music 😂

  9. Eaztwood

    Eaztwood5 days ago

    Was that Macaulay Culkin at 19:09?

  10. bloody nifty

    bloody nifty5 days ago

    It makes this so much better that there are little to no ads same with other vids too I usually only get abt 2 ads

  11. Im gay since Im responding to your comment, but

    Im gay since Im responding to your comment, but5 days ago

    Reduced Water Privileges

  12. aalusion

    aalusion5 days ago

    Sal was straight crying watching him do that to the paintings

  13. Edwin Xavier Sancan Figueroa

    Edwin Xavier Sancan Figueroa5 days ago

    en español por favor

  14. Chul Yeom

    Chul Yeom5 days ago

    I wish you guys would post clips of the guys/crew explaining they’re on tv so we can see people’s reactions if they’re funny or mad lol

  15. Peyton Denisar

    Peyton Denisar6 days ago

    Sims music for the background?

  16. Kaden Shablow

    Kaden Shablow6 days ago

    The first one was hard to watch


    WHITE DEATH6 days ago

    Bruh poor q I was cringing so bad from the punishment for the painting

  18. Alex Castillo

    Alex Castillo6 days ago

    I would’ve made every single Red X on the canvases huge that’s light I would’ve been like nah these aren’t good *paints “X”* do better

  19. Neku

    Neku7 days ago

    The storytime got me

  20. Lonelyz

    Lonelyz7 days ago

    “She’s reporting me to the child cops” lmao

  21. iREPda609

    iREPda6094 days ago

    *9 year olds arrive in uniform*

  22. Gabe Delgado

    Gabe Delgado7 days ago

    Who needs to watch circus videos when you have these jokers

  23. Frank Hughes

    Frank Hughes8 days ago

    The first punishment was one of the,if not the worst punishment.its up there with the jayden tattoo.

  24. Justin Bradford

    Justin Bradford8 days ago

    I literally had to peek between my fingers to watch Q's punishment. Oh my God ...

  25. Jen Groenendaal

    Jen Groenendaal8 days ago

    The Moms seemed like they were in on this the whole time!!! Notice none of them were upset,just smiley! The one Mom held her daughters canvas to allow him to do his X. Disappointing how set up this was.

  26. vanshaj mall

    vanshaj mall9 days ago

    Joes's daughter is cute, ya know

  27. BloodGuzzler

    BloodGuzzler9 days ago

    19:09 The moderator looks like Macaulay Culkin.

  28. BloodGuzzler

    BloodGuzzler9 days ago

    3 Men and Your Baby turned into a punishment for Leora and Logan.

  29. Gigi Mutara

    Gigi Mutara9 days ago

    I'm looking for my comment

  30. Noobtape Gaming

    Noobtape Gaming9 days ago

    That is so hard to watch,the first one😅

  31. Cookie Jar

    Cookie Jar9 days ago


  32. Aldon Dekock

    Aldon Dekock10 days ago

    Best part of this compilation is when the daughter of Joe entered the room with the biggest smile on her face!

  33. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson11 days ago

    I swear the song at 21:03 is from the sounds so familiar

  34. offical money

    offical money11 days ago

    im just saying girls should not be wearing a choker at that age idk my opinion they just follow trends these days

  35. cro4591

    cro459111 days ago

    The Jackass Generation...what an embarrassment.

  36. Martin Teece

    Martin Teece11 days ago

    Also why do q always seam to fail at kid related tasks?

  37. Martin Teece

    Martin Teece11 days ago

    Out me and my mates I have say I one the only ones able do this punishment. My boys would litteraly be like mur and sal

  38. The OnlyOneYT

    The OnlyOneYT12 days ago

    “I don’t like me right now” s a m e

  39. Arun Kumar HS

    Arun Kumar HS12 days ago

    14:53 :- Indian Couple🇮🇳

  40. Spilll xD

    Spilll xD12 days ago

    5:34 she beautiful tho

  41. Sharon Clark

    Sharon Clark12 days ago

    I hope these little kids grow up and watch this show and understand why Q had to draw all those x's

  42. 李嘉瑋

    李嘉瑋13 days ago

    Joe's daughter is so cute!!!

  43. Rippd_Bagel0011

    Rippd_Bagel001113 days ago

    11:45 why would that old woman be miced up if she wasn’t part of the show?

  44. Valentin J

    Valentin J13 days ago

    17:58 - 18:02 Somebody get my mans some water LMAO he almost choked trying to swallow that bite.

  45. mrednblack6

    mrednblack614 days ago

    I like bout cried, and was so glad that sal, my fav, was as horrified as I was. However, they did all plan 2 do this, so wtf.

  46. maples vids

    maples vids14 days ago

    the sims music in the back kills me lol

  47. Isaac Schilling

    Isaac Schilling14 days ago

    I feel bad for everyone in the first bit 💀

  48. Lily Halter

    Lily Halter14 days ago

    Joe is just the best most endearing dad

  49. 안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago

    안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago15 days ago

    21:05 is that Sims music in the background? Lolllll

  50. Abbstract Theatre

    Abbstract Theatre16 days ago

    The first one never fails to stress me out

  51. Cecilia Y Eulogio

    Cecilia Y Eulogio16 days ago

    Cant even watch when he paints the red x

  52. The Gaming Waffle

    The Gaming Waffle17 days ago

    The book was great hahahahha 😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Snakehead Family

    Snakehead Family17 days ago

    The point of the childrens story. Never Be A Silly Goose Or You'll Get FIRED.

  54. m 4everlovingbb

    m 4everlovingbb19 days ago

    Q changing that baby girl's diaper, putting it on backwards. Hope he never never has kids lol

  55. Danyel Rash-Sawyer

    Danyel Rash-Sawyer19 days ago

    I'm glad that I'm prepared

  56. lane barry

    lane barry20 days ago

    The stranger danger vibesXD

  57. john doe

    john doe20 days ago

    The first one was actually a punishment for sal to watch q do that

  58. BAMFZone95

    BAMFZone9520 days ago

    I feel like I was punished for watching Q make X's on all the canvases

  59. Nick DeGugs

    Nick DeGugs21 day ago

    He could’ve just made it sound positive by calling it his “seal of approval” or something.

  60. Bobby Gregory II

    Bobby Gregory II21 day ago

    This hurts to watch the x on the painting

  61. Yvonne Divila

    Yvonne Divila21 day ago

    19:28 Damn 😂😂

  62. BLACKEYE333

    BLACKEYE33323 days ago

    Jesus christ the last one made even satan cringe

  63. hosh the mosh

    hosh the mosh24 days ago

    The q dumb beetle was soooo funny hahaha

  64. Samuele Murru

    Samuele Murru24 days ago

    Q would be the perfect Joker. Change my mind

  65. Paul Faducci

    Paul Faducci24 days ago

    The first punishment was one of the,if not the worst punishment.its up there with the jayden tattoo.

  66. Dumb Donald

    Dumb Donald25 days ago

    Q: aww that’s a cute bear Joe: not the pig , not the pig 😱😱

  67. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler Johnson25 days ago

    He should have just lied and said he had a kid there😂

  68. Sam Krikorian

    Sam Krikorian25 days ago

    7:30 i got scared when they said "happy ending"

  69. big tiddies

    big tiddies6 days ago

    Me too 💀

  70. black skull 616

    black skull 61610 days ago

    I god I didn't think of that until I saw this

  71. SoaR Classic

    SoaR Classic26 days ago

    bro this is so hard to watch😂😂

  72. COTE Official

    COTE Official26 days ago

    last part is very funny

  73. Bharath JS

    Bharath JS26 days ago

    21:04 Sims 3.

  74. Roland Eya cute

    Roland Eya cute27 days ago

    28: 20 lexi lore kid

  75. nicolas niñoRous

    nicolas niñoRous27 days ago

    en español

  76. Sibiriam

    Sibiriam28 days ago

    That is too much and not funny when children are involved boys.

  77. swag man

    swag man28 days ago

    That third one made me fucling cringe so hard 😬


    STEELTON WHITE28 days ago

    Why are they are scared to do these challenges? I can handle every single one.

  79. aditi s

    aditi s29 days ago

    Those caption on 19:33. Lol

  80. Wild Man

    Wild Man29 days ago

    This was a punishment for us to watch.🤣

  81. The Three Muskateens

    The Three Muskateens29 days ago

    I feel so sorry for the parents

  82. Barry Hanmore

    Barry Hanmore29 days ago

    Bunch of twats. Not funny at all. Fake laughing at themselves. Who wouldn't recognise them if they are supposed to be so popular, and know what they do. If they were my kids and he put a big red cross over their art work, I would have put a big red blood stain across his smug face. Utterly childish, and pathetic, (so called men) ...Grow up!!!!

  83. Barry Hanmore

    Barry Hanmore23 days ago

    @Geotylr fy

  84. Geotylr

    Geotylr27 days ago


  85. Piano Channels

    Piano ChannelsMonth ago

    Me and my brother discussed that what if impractical jokers and Shark Tank did a special collab where 2 jokers vs 2 jokers compete which ridiculous idea of theirs will make a deal with the sharks.

  86. Lindy Madsen

    Lindy MadsenMonth ago

    That is not a joke, and it is not even funny. And the worst part - you guys laughing at it! No empathy-skills at all. So sad!

  87. Goa Fun

    Goa FunMonth ago Subscribe my chanel please


    SWISS TROOPERMonth ago

    I thought he is ashish chancchalini in the thumbnail 😂😂

  89. P R I N Z

    P R I N Z28 days ago

    Bas muchh ka fark hai🤣

  90. Aditya Pandey

    Aditya PandeyMonth ago

    Joe is fearless

  91. Randy Hall

    Randy HallMonth ago

    Joe's daughter is a joker in training. Lol

  92. Exdigitate This

    Exdigitate ThisMonth ago

    5:28 did they just censor "God"?

  93. ethan Chiles

    ethan ChilesMonth ago

    the sniffing children reminded me of joe biden

  94. TheInkinJapan

    TheInkinJapanMonth ago

    Do you guys laugh so much to make up for the audience?

  95. ME ME

    ME MEMonth ago

    Jesus is lord

  96. toppa toppa

    toppa toppaMonth ago

    The reading diary one is boaring..

  97. toppa toppa

    toppa toppaMonth ago

    The best one is the one wirh joe and his daughter

  98. Q

    QMonth ago

    *21:04** Sims music.*

  99. Farlo

    FarloMonth ago

    7:55 this one’s just hard to watch.

  100. Matty

    MattyMonth ago

    Wait a minute, a lady is more worried about Q being there with no kids and yet there’s a guy drinking a beer at 12:33?

  101. No. Just no.

    No. Just no.Month ago

    Joes kinda adorable with his daughter

  102. Fidelroyolanda Smackonmytiddyboosters III

    Fidelroyolanda Smackonmytiddyboosters IIIMonth ago

    mashup for murr awkward moments 👍

  103. Brianna Larsen

    Brianna LarsenMonth ago

    I would've just drawn an x on the blank one in the background... they never specified that it had to be a canvas that was currently being painted


    TROPICALS18 days ago

    Corner to corner

  105. the diamond robloxian // asmer20002

    the diamond robloxian // asmer20002Month ago

    Imagine if the girl went if your too silly you get fired and ask ladies how much 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  106. JDB2020

    JDB2020Month ago

    Why are they posting repeats?

  107. LondonSpade

    LondonSpadeMonth ago

    "Reduced water privileges" I'm dead