Impractical Jokers - Sal's Most Cringeworthy Germaphobe Moments (Mashup) | truTV

Sal will never forgive the Jokers for tormenting with his germophobia. Check out this insane compilation of Sal’s most cringey germophobia moments! #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Meet Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, four longtime friends who star in the hit truTV hidden camera show Impractical Jokers. In each episode, they compete to embarrass each other in a series of hilariously humiliating challenges and outrageous dares, all to the amusement and consternation of the general public. At the end of every episode, the biggest loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions. They have to say it. They have to do it. You have to see it!
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Impractical Jokers - Sal's Most Cringeworthy Germaphobe Moments (Mashup) | truTV


  1. Matthew Millerite

    Matthew Millerite4 hours ago

    That is so unsanitary how he’s rubbing peoples feet and then not washing his hands in between and possibly spreading germs and foot fungus and disease from one persons foot to another that’s just wrong.

  2. Maria Bravo

    Maria Bravo20 hours ago

    2:40 - 3:02 hilarious!!!!

  3. Вера Калашникова

    Вера Калашникова2 days ago

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  4. Maria Bravo

    Maria Bravo20 hours ago

    What the flip are you rambling on about???

  5. Henry Ault

    Henry Ault3 days ago

    22:21 My favorite punishment of all time.

  6. Andrew Maurer

    Andrew Maurer3 days ago


  7. Justin C

    Justin C3 days ago

    Plot twist: Sal develops a foot fetish.

  8. Вера Калашникова

    Вера Калашникова3 days ago

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  9. K Maxx

    K Maxx4 days ago

    Gonna have to CUT that hand OFF!

  10. Simons Tescfai

    Simons Tescfai4 days ago


  11. Lex Blessed

    Lex Blessed5 days ago

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  12. Thescorpian2004 !

    Thescorpian2004 !5 days ago

    Wow there skinny

  13. Real World

    Real World6 days ago

    Love this show

  14. Frank Hughes

    Frank Hughes6 days ago

    The overconfident paint optically explode because show suprisingly smoke an a nutty freighter. waggish, skinny syria

  15. * Mollz *

    * Mollz *8 days ago

    The scene at around 2:00 had me laughing unbelievably hard Edit: all of this is absolute gold

  16. BE1A FAR1OW

    BE1A FAR1OW9 days ago

    BMWs that years don’t beep

  17. Zoogsterrubi

    Zoogsterrubi9 days ago

    Y’all I’m not even a vegetarian and that calf makes me wanna stop eating meat . Did you see the eyes on that thing omg 🥺

  18. Queence Wong

    Queence Wong9 days ago

    The picayune t-shirt distally yawn because windscreen unlikely suspect worth a near doctor. flaky, steadfast cave

  19. Sharkboy24 7

    Sharkboy24 79 days ago

    Tomato sauce everywhere! 😂😂

  20. Patrick Layman

    Patrick Layman9 days ago

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  21. Вера Калашникова

    Вера Калашникова10 days ago

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  22. Damien Ramseur

    Damien Ramseur10 days ago

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  23. Bruno DeCaro

    Bruno DeCaro10 days ago

    17:58 I threw up myself

  24. Akram Jerab

    Akram Jerab13 days ago

    I love how Sal almost threw up when trying to gross Joe out hahah

  25. John Mullaly

    John Mullaly13 days ago

    Sal has the best punishments

  26. Furry67

    Furry6714 days ago

    " I don't want my phone to be in here, but it better be in here."

  27. ka lee

    ka lee14 days ago

    The mindless lunge neurally branch because father maternally sneeze unlike a crabby psychology. venomous, delicate porter

  28. Ezekiel Luna

    Ezekiel Luna14 days ago

    Hilarious pure chaos in the second part. Joe directs Murr and the little Irish dancer what to do causing Q to literally die of laughter and hurl behind the tree, and in the process, Q coughs in Sal's general direction causing Sal to freak out and eventually barf himself which directs Joe's attention to them distracting him away from the current situation, all while Murr and the Irish dancer are stuck dancing. I love spontaneous comedy.

  29. A

    A15 days ago

    I gagged before Sal did

  30. Natalie Diaz

    Natalie Diaz15 days ago

    Sal is my all time FAV plus i think he's the cutest ever lol...

  31. Janet Perez

    Janet Perez15 days ago

    OMG at 3:44 sal s face is sooo cute!!!

  32. marien Ferreira

    marien Ferreira15 days ago

    2:47 im crying

  33. Madmango

    Madmango16 days ago

    My favorite is the presentation and is voice cracks when he talks about stress 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Trent West

    Trent West16 days ago

    The foot rub punishment hurts to watch

  35. Ivan Moody

    Ivan Moody16 days ago

    I want to see a special episode where it's their fathers acting as them

  36. Ivan Moody

    Ivan Moody16 days ago

    Sal was wearin a glove

  37. Adnan Dahir

    Adnan Dahir16 days ago

    If I got a dollar for every time sal gags I would be watching this on cable right now

  38. Jasper Hall

    Jasper Hall17 days ago


  39. Snipzz

    Snipzz17 days ago

    20:13 literally the best part of the video 🤣🤣

  40. LokiBoii 3_69

    LokiBoii 3_6918 days ago

    Bro they waste so much hand sanitizer

  41. ClickyXD

    ClickyXD18 days ago


  42. Rachel Massingale

    Rachel Massingale19 days ago

    I Like you us and funny name is rachel massingale

  43. Voice OfModeration

    Voice OfModeration19 days ago

    Holy smokes, did the punishments ever get more extreme from the 1st episode dog poop one.

  44. Idk my name

    Idk my name19 days ago

    The new year has been terrible so far, spent all night last night at the emergency vet for my cat. He has kidney stones and his bladder was blocked and about to rupture. The vet wouldn't do payment plans and were broke atm so we were about to put him down because the treatment cost 3,700$. Luckily a group that pays for pets medical bills called at the last second right before they were about to put him down and they paid for 2500$ of his treatment and I had to pay the only 1200$ i had left to my name. There keeping him there until Monday but when we go back on Monday theres gonna be more bills + we have to put him on a prescription diet for the rest of his life thats 16$ for a 3lb bag of food. So just saying, If anyone has money to spare atm my cat Charlie would def appreciate it and it might just save his life. @t

  45. Seth Gardner

    Seth Gardner19 days ago

    Sal and Q need replaced with funny guys. Both of them stink!

  46. Om Viramgama

    Om Viramgama19 days ago

    Everyone is boss until Sal's dad arrives 12:18

  47. Om Viramgama

    Om Viramgama19 days ago

    Sal of impractical jokers season 1-3 was basically Chandler from Mr Beast

  48. James Rivera

    James Rivera20 days ago

    Italian Porn: 6:39

  49. James Rivera

    James Rivera20 days ago

    When you did the math right, but the professor said it wasn’t his way: 3:23

  50. Alyssa Aguirre

    Alyssa Aguirre20 days ago

    Me laughing so HARD whensal rubbing the ladys feet and when he ssid im a baf boy hahah she said “then call me nasty hahahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. Jessica Bonacci

    Jessica Bonacci21 day ago

    Was that Star Wars "Princess Leah" theme at the end lol ???

  52. R.G

    R.G21 day ago

    13:38 He should have used his shoe to hit it out.

  53. Mary Moore

    Mary Moore21 day ago

    1:16 Jared Fogle?

  54. Alex Simmons

    Alex Simmons22 days ago

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  55. BetterGamerof Anything

    BetterGamerof Anything22 days ago

    After all of these clips, I almost let out the acid within the stomach

  56. NotTheOnlyOne

    NotTheOnlyOne23 days ago

    Damn.. Watching and laughing until the unnecessary animal cruelty. But that part inspired me to watch 'Dominion' so I appreciate it

  57. GameForce

    GameForce23 days ago

    Never laughed and gagged so much 😂 🤮 😂

  58. Belt loops Matter

    Belt loops Matter24 days ago

    Lmao I’m crying 😂

  59. Abraham Lavi

    Abraham Lavi24 days ago

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  60. Mick Bones

    Mick Bones24 days ago

    I had to skip the section of the feet. Barf!

  61. vera salem

    vera salem25 days ago

    The regular driver simulteneously hop because plot reciprocally rhyme throughout a hesitant mandolin. spotty, silent roast

  62. JuicyCat

    JuicyCat25 days ago

    2:15 best 45 seconds of television

  63. Tara Hower

    Tara Hower25 days ago

    I’m nauseous now 😷

  64. Kurt Rhim

    Kurt Rhim25 days ago

    I mean that’s pretty gross regardless

  65. Eric Aguilar

    Eric Aguilar26 days ago

    My favorite bit starts @ 2:00

  66. Doozyisking

    Doozyisking26 days ago

    “I will never forgive u” classic line

  67. Lil Boop4K

    Lil Boop4K26 days ago

    The first punishment wasn’t even bad

  68. lindsay lohan

    lindsay lohan28 days ago


  69. Adam Davis

    Adam Davis28 days ago

    “There’s a full GALLON OF MILK!” -Sal Vulcano

  70. #ImagineRyan

    #ImagineRyan28 days ago

    The Elevator is my favorite Sal punishment

  71. Ass Tracer

    Ass Tracer29 days ago

    younger sal looks like a chubby tobuscus lol

  72. TheNextLevel41

    TheNextLevel4129 days ago

    U can't top impractical jokers

  73. TheNextLevel41

    TheNextLevel4129 days ago

    Like its over after this

  74. Useful Slave

    Useful Slave29 days ago

    Don't have a cow, man.

  75. AlyMetz

    AlyMetz29 days ago

    Lmao Sal is so me

  76. Michael Smithwick

    Michael SmithwickMonth ago

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  77. Stunk Beagle

    Stunk BeagleMonth ago

    Ive never seen the full bathroom of horrors punishment its always skipped over on youtube wow I didnt even know there was more cool

  78. LEGO Crasher364

    LEGO Crasher364Month ago

    I cannot get over sal throwing up! So funny 😂

  79. Edward R

    Edward RMonth ago

    I actually nearly gagged when sal put his hands in that bucket 🤮🤮🤮

  80. Jorgen Von Strangle

    Jorgen Von StrangleMonth ago

    Nope, would have quit the show at those feet

  81. Alal Malal

    Alal MalalMonth ago

    That’s an adorable elephant

  82. Darin Whitelock

    Darin WhitelockMonth ago

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  83. LegoGuy Films

    LegoGuy FilmsMonth ago

    Why did Q pull and grab the cat like that?

  84. DQM

    DQMMonth ago

    I’m sal. I can do this job. I won’t fail like all my previous jobs. I’m not a bartender anymore. I’m sal.

  85. Brandon Yamamoto

    Brandon YamamotoMonth ago

    First Q throws up Then sal starts to throw up

  86. Janakiraman

    JanakiramanMonth ago

    “I don’t want my phone to be in here, but my phone better be in here.” - Sal Vulcano, 2013

  87. Swishy Bros

    Swishy BrosMonth ago

    Tackling npcs in red dead 2 be like: 4:14

  88. minerva plasencia

    minerva plasenciaMonth ago

    I will die

  89. The T-Man

    The T-ManMonth ago

    When Sal keeps losing and his appears 😂

  90. Optimus Price

    Optimus PriceMonth ago

    5:33 5:37

  91. Spaz

    SpazMonth ago

    Rip joe this is wierd like walking dead type junk

  92. Arseniy Litruha

    Arseniy LitruhaMonth ago

    The video is very amazing and very action

  93. Mateo Diaz

    Mateo DiazMonth ago

    Everyone: look look it so cute Sal: vomits

  94. Hannah Powell

    Hannah PowellMonth ago

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  95. Alex Simmons

    Alex SimmonsMonth ago

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  96. MS. åñgéłičã

    MS. åñgéłičãMonth ago

    Oh gosh!! That is just straight-up growth sal I don't even think this is a joke at all in Jesus name

  97. Owen A

    Owen AMonth ago

    They had to make the challenges harder because it became easier for them to do these challenges, they became better and way more confident in some challenges like the presentations, especially Sal he used to be embarrassed at the smallest things but he got used to it these challenges are the best exercise, it can change everyone even introverted people 😂

  98. Gunjan Kuhikar

    Gunjan KuhikarMonth ago

    i m in love with sal

  99. Mr J

    Mr JMonth ago

    I’m pretty sure Sal is the reason that all the store in the U.S ran out of hand sanitizer instantly

  100. - Deepa - Singh

    - Deepa - SinghMonth ago

    Sal Bro don’t worry my dad says the same thing to me every single BLOODY Day

  101. Iago Fernandes

    Iago FernandesMonth ago

    I dont understand men like this. Must be that city life.

  102. Big Ball Left Hank

    Big Ball Left HankMonth ago

    They need to replace sal.. over dramatic and very annoying!! Ruins the show