Impractical Jokers: Funniest Fast Food Moments (Mashup) | truTV

People are just trying to order their food and eat it in silence, but not when the Impractical Jokers step in! Watch this hilarious mashup of the pranks they pull in fast food restaurants.
0:00 - Murr “Kicks Out” Customers at Hooters
2:17 - Sal Can’t Stand the Empty Table at Hooters
3:58 - Joe Struggles with the Voice Activated Register
5:28 - Joe Eats the Twinkie of Shame
7:55 - Murr Meets His Sugar Mama
8:50 - Sal Checks Out the Customers at Lucky’s
11:16 - Free Meal If Q Can Guess Your Birthday
12:25 - Murr Greets Customers at Señor Frog’s
14:04 - Q is a Pizza Thief
15:53 - Sal Vulcano, Clumsy Waiter
20:44 - Joe and Murr Are Amped to Make Sandwiches
23:15 - Thirsty Sal Steals a Customer’s Drink
25:25 - Sal and Murr Work the Bagel Counter
27:35 - Can Sal Take Your Order?
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Meet Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, four longtime friends who star in the hit truTV hidden camera show Impractical Jokers. In each episode, they compete to embarrass each other in a series of hilariously humiliating challenges and outrageous dares, all to the amusement and consternation of the general public. At the end of every episode, the biggest loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions. They have to say it. They have to do it. You have to see it!
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Impractical Jokers: Funniest Fast Food Moments (Mashup) | truTV


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    Truey2 minutes ago

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  3. James R

    James R3 hours ago

    6:20 this customer is so caring, she’s great

  4. luis dominguez

    luis dominguez5 hours ago

    That "Hi" at 13:34 I would have lost on purpose just to keep chatting with her

  5. Wayne Payne98

    Wayne Payne985 hours ago

    This show is like my worst nightmare

  6. I shave

    I shave14 hours ago


  7. Aki TheLion

    Aki TheLion14 hours ago


  8. Krono 02

    Krono 0218 hours ago

    Their success is their curse tbh coz it’s harder to do pranks without ppl recognizing them

  9. Bayezhig Binaashkaa

    Bayezhig Binaashkaa18 hours ago

    Should have had Sal talking to his imaginable friend and have Sal saying, I’m not going to ask ask him! No! No! You ask him! Ok, ok I’ll ask. it true? Does the rain in Spain stay mainly in the plain.

  10. Patrick Wygal

    Patrick Wygal21 hour ago

    Would it still be funny if they didn’t get embarrassed? Throw a bunch of military friends in and watch them insult people with blank expressions

  11. Wayne Payne98

    Wayne Payne985 hours ago

    That's because military guys are all retards

  12. Zain Kaly

    Zain Kaly21 hour ago

    When the woman walked away with her daughter he should’ve said: go back

  13. Dwayne Smith

    Dwayne Smith22 hours ago

    Why was that better service then I still get at my local White Castle 🙄

  14. Noah Silvers

    Noah SilversDay ago

    The face sal made when he laughed with that table tho😂😂

  15. Victor Ortiz

    Victor OrtizDay ago


  16. KicksReview J

    KicksReview JDay ago

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  17. Eli Lindahl

    Eli LindahlDay ago

    When joe says "ur sandwich" at the beginning

  18. eleurxia roblox

    eleurxia roblox2 days ago


  19. zMagiccc

    zMagiccc2 days ago


  20. Peaceful Human

    Peaceful Human2 days ago

    I know it's just a tv show but when you want to make something fake please say it's fake.

  21. KeyesAnthony

    KeyesAnthony2 days ago

    "i found out my girlfriend had sex with my boyfriend" was the hardest i have laughed in over a year

  22. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel2 days ago

    20:45 joe doesnt want to lose 😂😂😂

  23. Eva Makarski

    Eva Makarski2 days ago

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  24. Chris Lopez

    Chris Lopez2 days ago

    Wait April 17th is MY birthday

  25. Pawel Kapica

    Pawel Kapica2 days ago

    These guys got mr dying, I only found them yesterday. Hilarious

  26. Malinis

    Malinis2 days ago


  27. Heavy Chevy

    Heavy Chevy3 days ago

    😂 miss watching this show.

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    Farben Somalin3 days ago

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  29. Homestead Cop Watch

    Homestead Cop Watch3 days ago

    The clumsy waiter thing was genius

  30. Asia Khang

    Asia Khang3 days ago

    ENOUGH 😂

  31. Landon Mayberry

    Landon Mayberry3 days ago

    12:10 so we got the same birthday

  32. daniel leblanc

    daniel leblanc3 days ago

    That black dude who comforted Sal is a real one 💯

  33. Travis Green

    Travis Green4 hours ago

    @Lemon z A-gent 😉

  34. Lemon z

    Lemon z6 hours ago

    The white guy who responded was an upstanding gent

  35. Travis Green

    Travis Green2 days ago

    That french dude Daniel who commented on it was pretty cool too

  36. Winder Zhao

    Winder Zhao3 days ago

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  39. MysteryMachine 444

    MysteryMachine 4443 days ago

    Damn I miss cable now.

  40. Ecuadorian Empress528

    Ecuadorian Empress5283 days ago

    The hype sandwich making lmao 🤣 reminded me of SpongeBob & Patrick.

  41. Captain Dadpool

    Captain Dadpool3 days ago

    The white castle one was the best.

  42. Mike Ock

    Mike Ock3 days ago

    "Joe, stab Murray in the throat" 😂

  43. J

    J3 days ago

    Jesus is lord. Repent of your sins be born again & turn to him to be saved! Turn away from all your sins. We love yall and God loves you all.🙏🏼❤️.

  44. Bunny Chan

    Bunny Chan3 days ago

    I had anxiety coming in to this, but the part where sal snuck up and talked to the guy’s ear really made me forget about any anxiety I had even for a minute. I fcuking cracked up when he started sobbing lmfao

  45. Carlos Mariona

    Carlos Mariona4 days ago

    bruh did that guy pull a gun out at 31:51

  46. Lensdo

    Lensdo4 days ago

    this show is great

  47. Jeremy Waters

    Jeremy Waters4 days ago

    I thought sal was gonna die with the very last clip, that guy was calmer than I expected and he recognized sal, so lucky. If that was me idk man I wonder if I’d be boiling or maybe just confused from out outlandish it was.

  48. Alec Zitalone

    Alec Zitalone4 days ago

    These dudes been carrying television for the past 10 years

  49. OddKid

    OddKid4 days ago

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  50. Matto niy

    Matto niy2 days ago

    What the fuq

  51. Made Lunar

    Made Lunar4 days ago

    That clumsy waiter one was hilarious. My stomach hurts, I have tears in my eyes. These guys are amazing.

  52. Instinct Matrix

    Instinct Matrix4 days ago

    In the last one I would’ve been like “ Take a drink of their drink and give it to them “ lol

  53. Jake Stewart

    Jake Stewart4 days ago

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  54. Adrian K

    Adrian K4 days ago

    I think they are all amazing people but Sal is my favorite 😂

  55. Kimm Ledbetter

    Kimm Ledbetter5 days ago

    My favorite for sure... Clumsy waiter had me roaring

  56. bsdpowa

    bsdpowa5 days ago

    I wish I could see the reaction of people when they tell me it's all staged

  57. Michael Bentson

    Michael Bentson5 days ago

    That sandwich part was GOLD

  58. Michael Bentson

    Michael Bentson5 days ago

    Idk why it’s so cool to me when guys who could squash anyone are super chill..

  59. Alex's Gmail

    Alex's Gmail5 days ago


  60. Alex Coxon

    Alex Coxon5 days ago

    Sal doesn’t kiss his friends when there’s no one looking..

  61. coolymoody

    coolymoody5 days ago

    21:03 Half inch? Yes! Man they really missed the opportunity of making a tiny sandwich there..

  62. Tylor K

    Tylor K5 days ago

    Okay someone tell me how to get my girlfriend to go to Hooters, and then later talk her elderly parents into going? I really like owls

  63. UnderTheBox

    UnderTheBox6 days ago

    The ending is such a plot twist

  64. og skull

    og skull6 days ago

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  65. Bizarre Fox

    Bizarre Fox6 days ago

    Murry and Hopper at senior frogs was like something out of Breaking Bad or something😂😂

  66. Questionable Spy

    Questionable Spy6 days ago

    I’d love to see them do skits at “saggies”

  67. ExZ

    ExZ6 days ago

    Great content

  68. Bailey Wesley

    Bailey Wesley6 days ago


  69. ArticruciA Williams

    ArticruciA Williams6 days ago

    That drive thru speaker prank at White Castle is next level gut busting

  70. Jameel H

    Jameel H6 days ago

    SAL When he talking to noone ahahhahhahhahhahaahhaa🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. gunku

    gunku6 days ago

    i think this guy just realised why fast food places always forgets things 9:19

  72. Quetta Logan

    Quetta Logan6 days ago

    I Love These Guys!💕🤣

  73. Rainers Ustinkins

    Rainers Ustinkins6 days ago

    27:15 is my favourite underrated moment

  74. Timothy Asdent

    Timothy Asdent6 days ago

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  75. Lightning

    Lightning7 days ago

    13:34 That employee seems a bit friendly to Murr!

  76. Greg Rhymes With Bible

    Greg Rhymes With Bible7 days ago

    Growing up isn't just for kids

  77. Will Creamer

    Will Creamer7 days ago

    bro my birthday April 17th 😂

  78. Kazeyo

    Kazeyo7 days ago

    9:50 I can't even....SAAAAL

  79. Jay Pao

    Jay Pao7 days ago

    these guys are the best fastfood employees! rock on!

  80. LiL DiLL

    LiL DiLL7 days ago

    My family went on the jokers cruise and when they got back they said sal was rude and thinks he’s better then everyone and Que is a big drinker and that’s all he did

  81. Yung Man

    Yung Man7 days ago

    A spinoff called saggys 🤦‍♂️🤣

  82. Presso Rajbhandari

    Presso Rajbhandari7 days ago

    So freaking good

  83. Isaac

    Isaac7 days ago

    10:51 Lyndsay though, oh my

  84. Sumit

    Sumit7 days ago


  85. envøy_

    envøy_7 days ago

    "she didn't get it from her mother, i'll tell you that" *forced laugh* 🤣

  86. Bri Rene

    Bri Rene7 days ago

    11:40 “stab Murray in his throat” oh my god 😆 😆 😆

  87. Jota I

    Jota I8 days ago

    U guys are f...kng.. Creazeeeeee!!! Omg

  88. Alaa Sami

    Alaa Sami8 days ago


  89. KillerKraken

    KillerKraken8 days ago

    jesus that one man with the old lady was huge

  90. Christian Collins

    Christian Collins8 days ago

    2:20 27:39

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  94. Anvar Zakirov UZ

    Anvar Zakirov UZ8 days ago

    Thank you so much for making us more happy 😆

  95. Trade And Invest

    Trade And Invest8 days ago

    LMFAOOOO Its all about me an you Michelle

  96. Psycho Lamborghini

    Psycho Lamborghini9 days ago

    32:05 sal was lucky

  97. Psycho Lamborghini

    Psycho Lamborghini9 days ago

    Clumsy sal lmao

  98. Linda Veswuh

    Linda Veswuh9 days ago

    Where s new episodes can't wait

  99. losa angelas

    losa angelas9 days ago

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    Damien Ramseur9 days ago

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  101. J L

    J L9 days ago

    Sal doing the bingo hall is the funniest punishment

  102. Luke Neff

    Luke Neff9 days ago

    What’s the magic word😂😂😂😂 29:30

  103. Sami G

    Sami G9 days ago

    I wish you guys put their reaction at the end of the show it would be nice to see their reaction.

  104. הראל מטלו

    הראל מטלו9 days ago

    the screaming part sounds like the holy broadcasting system from bordelands 3. thats amazing!

  105. Ideal Cookie

    Ideal Cookie9 days ago

    I'm getting severe second hand awkwardness from this...

  106. Impractical Jokers Compilations

    Impractical Jokers Compilations9 days ago

    IJ presentation compilation from seasons 1 & 2 FULL CHALLENGES on my channel.