Impractical Jokers: Funniest Fast Food Moments (Mashup) | truTV

People are just trying to order their food and eat it in silence, but not when the Impractical Jokers step in! Watch this hilarious mashup of the pranks they pull in fast food restaurants.
0:00 - Murr “Kicks Out” Customers at Hooters
2:17 - Sal Can’t Stand the Empty Table at Hooters
3:58 - Joe Struggles with the Voice Activated Register
5:28 - Joe Eats the Twinkie of Shame
7:55 - Murr Meets His Sugar Mama
8:50 - Sal Checks Out the Customers at Lucky’s
11:16 - Free Meal If Q Can Guess Your Birthday
12:25 - Murr Greets Customers at Señor Frog’s
14:04 - Q is a Pizza Thief
15:53 - Sal Vulcano, Clumsy Waiter
20:44 - Joe and Murr Are Amped to Make Sandwiches
23:15 - Thirsty Sal Steals a Customer’s Drink
25:25 - Sal and Murr Work the Bagel Counter
27:35 - Can Sal Take Your Order?
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Meet Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, four longtime friends who star in the hit truTV hidden camera show Impractical Jokers. In each episode, they compete to embarrass each other in a series of hilariously humiliating challenges and outrageous dares, all to the amusement and consternation of the general public. At the end of every episode, the biggest loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions. They have to say it. They have to do it. You have to see it!
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Impractical Jokers: Funniest Fast Food Moments (Mashup) | truTV


  1. doctor king

    doctor king20 hours ago

    why is it so funny watching sal do the sit and spin?

  2. Michael Suh

    Michael SuhDay ago

    Make compilation of every challenge that made sal fall

  3. Kaylin Abreu

    Kaylin AbreuDay ago

    Clumsy Waiter made me laugh hard than I’ve laughed in a really long time

  4. The Good you

    The Good youDay ago


  5. FNC Danium

    FNC DaniumDay ago

    31:19 this is one of the best moments ever gahdayum

  6. Jennifer O.

    Jennifer O.2 days ago

    Lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 clumsy waiter Sal too hilarious 🤣 😂

  7. syed mahad

    syed mahad2 days ago

    How on earth no one could recognize them 😂😂😂


    SINISTER JAK2 days ago

    This show IS the cure for depression!!! Not even joking!

  9. Chapo Macho

    Chapo Macho2 days ago

    Was that actually Adele?

  10. Wyonna Coon-Come

    Wyonna Coon-Come2 days ago

    Pouring the water did it for me every time

  11. Scrambled Fruit

    Scrambled Fruit3 days ago

    I love how they use music from The Sims 3 in their show

  12. laptop droptop

    laptop droptop3 days ago

    Why wouldn’t you just lie about the bday say they got it on the first try

  13. Sonya Ihde

    Sonya Ihde3 days ago

    omgg i need to work with ya'll im lmao

  14. Hannibal Smith

    Hannibal Smith3 days ago

    Sal in the restaurant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Belinda Burke

    Belinda Burke3 days ago

    The guy that told Sal to come back with his cart and emotions was too cool.

  16. D_John32

    D_John323 days ago

    Has anyone ever noticed when something is about to happen, Joe always rubs his hands together like a mastermind 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Wild Man

    Wild Man3 days ago

    5:06 is the funniest part 😂

  18. Ryan Makarski

    Ryan Makarski4 days ago

    THE CHANNEL DIES IN A WEEK (allegedly) Damn. Here we are again. This morning I woke up to a dozen old copyright claims being filed. As a result, having 3+ copyright strikes has my channel marked for deletion in a week. I'm waiting on responses from folks right now to try and get this resolved, but honestly I'm less than hopeful. As if I needed more reasons to stay away from USloft, right? I'm going to lose everything if this channel goes away, but I'm sure as hell not going to lose this incredible audience and community I've created over these last 3 years - some of the best years of my life. I owe all of this to all of you, the folks who keep coming back just to see what I've been up to, or message me encouraging things when I'm not feeling 100%. I love you all, each and every one of you. Well, everyone but Phil. Sorry, Phil.

  19. Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen4 days ago

    @15:59 that guy so cool lol!

  20. Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen4 days ago

    @11:08 her body language says yess tho!! Lool😂😂😂

  21. Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen4 days ago

    @8:49 shes soo cute lool! 😂😂😂

  22. Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen4 days ago

    @7:44 lol she catholic thats why she cares SOOO much lol😂🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥

  23. Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen4 days ago

    Sal is SOOO good lool😂😂👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽

  24. Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen4 days ago

    WtFUCK! He just drinks hot sauce like thatt 😩😩👎🏾

  25. Andrew Levister

    Andrew Levister4 days ago

    Chicken, family, you know it is iconic.

  26. Zeke The Plumber

    Zeke The Plumber4 days ago

    26:20 Oh god lol.

  27. Kenner Medina

    Kenner Medina4 days ago

    Saggies 💀

  28. Mistajingo

    Mistajingo5 days ago

    Saggies 🤣

  29. Kermit’s Banjo

    Kermit’s Banjo5 days ago

    19:11 I just can’t

  30. ItSMeVal !

    ItSMeVal !5 days ago

    these guys cure depression literally

  31. Car Wash

    Car Wash5 days ago

    6:08 "Lord have mercy"

  32. Connor Feezel

    Connor Feezel5 days ago

    5:46 6:16 and 7:44 sound the same

  33. LYRIX

    LYRIX5 days ago

    Beat name at 14:29?

  34. Digital Scythe

    Digital Scythe5 days ago

    Like no joke, Murr could be an actor

  35. Saint Brush

    Saint Brush5 days ago

    This isn't real life.

  36. Bangkok Dangerous

    Bangkok Dangerous5 days ago

    that "bring ur cart and ur emotions" guy is my new favorite person

  37. Austin Argent

    Austin Argent6 days ago

    21:36 did someone atleast let her know that that was a prank 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. EGBoy Lim Strange

    EGBoy Lim Strange6 days ago

    What!? !!!

  39. Thomas Pietro

    Thomas Pietro6 days ago

    Best Comedians They Are My Favorite.


    BOI SKITZ6 days ago

    Watching this while tripping was difficult. I just couldn't stop laughing

  41. Jack Jack

    Jack Jack6 days ago

    You ever watch a video with random old people in the background and wonder which ones are dead now?

  42. Zedet

    Zedet6 days ago

    Who else gets second hand embarrassment from this show?

  43. ReconixBro -

    ReconixBro -6 days ago

    11:38 January 8th is my birthday lmao

  44. ToeMan

    ToeMan6 days ago

    I swear they do the worst things to sal

  45. Ibro Nivro

    Ibro Nivro6 days ago


  46. Tori Williams

    Tori Williams6 days ago


  47. Gabriel Davila

    Gabriel Davila6 days ago

    ENOUGH! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things6 days ago

    This is one of the only shows that makes me laugh

  49. Im gay since Im responding to your comment, but

    Im gay since Im responding to your comment, but6 days ago

    Were openin a spinoff called saggies By the way those hooters waitresses were pretty awesome

  50. xClarity

    xClarity7 days ago

    Hooters is 100 percent the best episode lol

  51. EAce

    EAce7 days ago


  52. Gangster Gardener

    Gangster Gardener7 days ago

    The last one had me crying

  53. Kunga Lhamo

    Kunga Lhamo7 days ago

    My cheeks are sore omg

  54. Gabe Gordon

    Gabe Gordon7 days ago

    This is Garbage.

  55. random banana

    random banana7 days ago

    Murr looks pretty good in the low quality camera 😂😂😂

  56. Curtis Jackson Jr.

    Curtis Jackson Jr.7 days ago

    31:35 is hilarious

  57. dreamiee

    dreamiee8 days ago

    this show is so good but the embarrassment just makes me want to off myself. it’s not for me 😭

  58. Three B.A.D. Boys

    Three B.A.D. Boys8 days ago

    Sals sobbing made me cry of laughter the entire video is hilarious

  59. Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico

    Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico8 days ago

    the water one made me laugh so my chest hurt and i almost peed my pants

  60. Joshua Peterson

    Joshua Peterson8 days ago

    I am crying i am laughing so hard!

  61. Gabriel Amestoy

    Gabriel Amestoy8 days ago

    this show really is the only thing that makes me laugh or even happy anymore i love this show

  62. Chul Yeom

    Chul Yeom8 days ago

    27:16 that girl was so cute playing along with them

  63. Valentina Rodriguez

    Valentina Rodriguez8 days ago


  64. MutedXzn

    MutedXzn9 days ago

    I'm dying 😂😂 this are some great clips

  65. Gideon0297

    Gideon02979 days ago

    This is the best show ever!!!!

  66. Tacenda Dream

    Tacenda Dream9 days ago

  67. thomasaune

    thomasaune10 days ago

    Sal never gives in, and always does more than is asked. Its amazing

  68. Solarr 9 9 9

    Solarr 9 9 910 days ago

    Sal's face at 2:48 killed me lmao 😂

  69. Lindsay Marr

    Lindsay Marr10 days ago

    The sandwich scene had me dying in laughter

  70. unknown

    unknown10 days ago

    Let me get that number?

  71. It’s 323

    It’s 32310 days ago

    The *Hello from the other side* got me‼️‼️‼️🤣

  72. JL JLGB

    JL JLGB11 days ago

    It taste like a new “jackass”

  73. Julie Avenger Keeter

    Julie Avenger Keeter11 days ago

    Sal serving OMG😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Zachery James

    Zachery James11 days ago

    Was that really Adele?

  75. Paris Williams

    Paris Williams12 days ago

    I’m over here dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. Gurmukhi 〈3 TV

    Gurmukhi 〈3 TV12 days ago


  77. Spiri Manea

    Spiri Manea12 days ago

    The lip sync on the first one was spot-on

  78. Gurmukhi 〈3 TV

    Gurmukhi 〈3 TV12 days ago

    Omg they're so idiots Wasting food is a sin

  79. Gurmukhi 〈3 TV

    Gurmukhi 〈3 TV12 days ago

    All your episodes are for hiding the racism you conceal inside Real episodes for racists Fakes for the justification to the rest

  80. Farben Somalin

    Farben Somalin13 days ago

    Joe has this really wonderful talent of making himself look either beyond pathetic or absurdly confident 😂

  81. Wike

    Wike13 days ago

    Sal got bailed out so hard on that last one ahahahhaa

  82. Mmmm

    Mmmm13 days ago

    When they spun sal they should've gave him the glasses as well.

  83. Benjamin Bubb

    Benjamin Bubb13 days ago

    They're hilarious! LOL

  84. Micah Brunet

    Micah Brunet13 days ago

    Q looks like he’d work at a deli

  85. Aquarius Inc.

    Aquarius Inc.13 days ago

    26:18 2 broke girls is accurate af “I wear knit hats bc it’s cold out you wear knit hats bc of cold play”

  86. Leonard Ryan

    Leonard Ryan14 days ago

    All I can do is laugh

  87. JackOXen

    JackOXen14 days ago

    Do people just not watch TV? How do they not know these guys 😭😂

  88. DarkAce _

    DarkAce _14 days ago

    “Literally straight out of a Movie”

  89. BigAxeBlack

    BigAxeBlack14 days ago

    god some of these make me cringe so hard but fuking hilarious at the same time

  90. Shane Cruz

    Shane Cruz14 days ago

    You don’t know how enjoyable it is to watch these thank you❤️

  91. Charles Heintz

    Charles Heintz14 days ago

    Am I the only one that notices the pictures in the background from 1:32 or 1:35?

  92. DekuWasTaken

    DekuWasTaken14 days ago

    0:02 Wellcome to FEMBOY HOOTERS

  93. Jameson Ward

    Jameson Ward15 days ago

    I cant remember the last time I laughed this hard 🤣 Sal after the sit sent me into near death

  94. mikey zaf

    mikey zaf15 days ago

    Black Gentlemen is so kind when he comfort Sal

  95. cheyenne reed

    cheyenne reed15 days ago

    Everytime i hear Murrs laugh i can't control myself lmao

  96. PinkDonut 2134

    PinkDonut 213415 days ago

    I came here for the skoopski potatoes

  97. Katio888

    Katio88815 days ago

    The bit at 5:30 has to be one of my favorite Joe moments. It’s also the same day/place where Murr and Sal asked out the same girl and she turned down Murr but agreed to go out with Sal. Too funny

  98. North Star Guitar

    North Star Guitar16 days ago

    25:23 he’s a good person, rarely see that myself in the service industry

  99. Toothy . Monster

    Toothy . Monster16 days ago

    8:56 what episode is this from?

  100. SuperSayianHawke

    SuperSayianHawke16 days ago

    "were opening a spin off called saggies" omg lol