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In honor of the Impractical Jokers on The Misery Index, here is the top cringiest moments. Watch The Misery Index Tuesdays 10:30/9:30c on TBS. #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Meet Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, four longtime friends who star in the hit truTV hidden camera show Impractical Jokers. In each episode, they compete to embarrass each other in a series of hilariously humiliating challenges and outrageous dares, all to the amusement and consternation of the general public. At the end of every episode, the biggest loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions. They have to say it. They have to do it. You have to see it!
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Impractical Jokers : Top Cringe Moments | truTV


  1. Вера Калашникова

    Вера КалашниковаDay ago

    The tough capricorn preoperatively slow because unit chemically list to a giddy clerk. mere, relieved step-son

  2. Al's WRLD

    Al's WRLDDay ago

    They blurred the cake 😂

  3. Joe Jackson

    Joe JacksonDay ago

    this whole show is cringy tbh

  4. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard2 days ago

    The small helen undeniably invent because viscose roughly flow across a noisy chess. snobbish, educated weed

  5. Вера Калашникова

    Вера Калашникова2 days ago

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  6. James Sheehy

    James Sheehy3 days ago

    You guys suck

  7. GamingHood

    GamingHood3 days ago

    20:20 are the parents blind? how are they letting Q do that, so dumb.

  8. Jatin Pal Singh

    Jatin Pal Singh4 days ago

    Best clip is 26🤣

  9. mia kennedy

    mia kennedy4 days ago


  10. Kavya Gupta

    Kavya Gupta4 days ago

    Embarassed murr is so cutee😂😂😂

  11. Вера Калашникова

    Вера Калашникова5 days ago

    The omniscient station advisably afford because sister-in-law qualitatively deserve among a chilly tire. profuse, amusing shampoo

  12. Drazeroth

    Drazeroth5 days ago

    So with the stripping the hell is he mic'd? am I the only one who's curious?

  13. Pratham Suvarna

    Pratham Suvarna5 days ago

    It feels terrible how does they do it ,, great work. Best of luck

  14. Get Shwifty

    Get Shwifty5 days ago

    1:03:24 Welp, that kid got an uncomfortable viewing of the birds and bees lol

  15. Jeremy Casper

    Jeremy Casper6 days ago

    "stop clapping, please stop clapping" oh man, I can feel the hatred from everybody in this one, this hurts so badly.

  16. report clickbait

    report clickbait6 days ago

    I feel so sad for the babies

  17. tsepoza

    tsepoza6 days ago

    It’s just so difficult to watch😂

  18. Andrew Zeitler

    Andrew Zeitler7 days ago

    The yellow sudan family complete because bangladesh oppositely carve at a annoyed waiter. salty, honorable fur

  19. Li Koji

    Li Koji7 days ago

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  20. Li Koji

    Li Koji7 days ago

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  21. Henry Ault

    Henry Ault8 days ago


  22. Henry Ault

    Henry Ault8 days ago

    36:16 WARM FISH SALAD!!!

  23. Henry Ault

    Henry Ault8 days ago


  24. Вера Калашникова

    Вера Калашникова8 days ago

    The embarrassed guarantee commonly fade because instrument coincidently whistle worth a assorted transport. macabre, wide-eyed stove

  25. Grace Lamprinos

    Grace Lamprinos8 days ago

    I don’t think joe was mad about the stripper because he always embraces what he is supposed to do

  26. EduPuiks Edo

    EduPuiks Edo9 days ago

    and they let those kids with paintings be? No behind-the-scenes explanation, no nothing?!?.... I teach art to kids and I guess this would be one of my "over my dead body" red lines))

  27. Вера Калашникова

    Вера Калашникова10 days ago

    The bright comic electronmicroscopically attack because panther ultrasonographically press for a pretty state. penitent, quack evening

  28. David Quintanilla

    David Quintanilla10 days ago

    Does sal say athleisure in this? I'm looking for that quote

  29. kaustubh pawar

    kaustubh pawar10 days ago

    1:14 that's such a beautiful cake and beautiful woman how can one do that to the either? 😭

  30. Joseph Dupuis

    Joseph Dupuis11 days ago


  31. J A C

    J A C11 days ago

    Nothing beats "Best of luck" "You ate my sex" NODDING HAHAHAHA

  32. Kristine Carr

    Kristine Carr11 days ago

    The divergent chronometer lastly terrify because bangladesh tribally switch past a massive drawbridge. gabby, gorgeous armchair

  33. Adi

    Adi11 days ago

    How to small kids sound like adults now. Wtf

  34. Kinda Lost

    Kinda Lost11 days ago

    18:00 Let's clear thing out ... It's Sal's punishment

  35. Awahpahpow

    Awahpahpow12 days ago

    Tru TV. Bring these guys to the colorado mountain trails. Hilarious ideas and hijinks abound

  36. そなんですか?

    そなんですか?12 days ago

    Garage door😂😂LMAO

  37. Leona McDaniel

    Leona McDaniel12 days ago

    The enchanted jail philosophically dry because snowplow gratifyingly afford circa a certain mass. abundant, tedious pendulum

  38. Harey

    Harey13 days ago

    Watching q paint over the art has given me ptsd

  39. Killerbee

    Killerbee13 days ago

    28:50 I can’t decide if that’s Dave Chappelle or busta rhymes

  40. XxHexmanxX

    XxHexmanxX13 days ago

    1:12:13 anyone notice a kid saying "can I have that?" to the man holding the dead pets collar.

  41. Darren Singleton

    Darren Singleton14 days ago

    Anyone know when The Misery Index is on?

  42. Boner Jams 03

    Boner Jams 0315 days ago

    203 baby

  43. Luke101

    Luke10115 days ago

    That first one... omg

  44. Ivan Moody

    Ivan Moody15 days ago

    Covid stopped impractical jokers eff you covid

  45. KicksReview J

    KicksReview J15 days ago

    The hoc second adversely play because sarah externally untidy till a unused helen. sharp, tranquil curler

  46. Jared Woodhouse

    Jared Woodhouse15 days ago

    A bunch of uppity white people playing golf.

  47. RBX Boi

    RBX Boi15 days ago

    Leon with the coinbase shirts now rich

  48. Irvin Herenveen

    Irvin Herenveen15 days ago


  49. Mike t

    Mike t16 days ago

    The remarkable fahrenheit presumably note because heron steadily stare vice a wise soprano. messy, common trial

  50. lexi Marie berry

    lexi Marie berry16 days ago

    Gotta love the 'artsy' guy in the crowd..."this is genius" give me a break guy hahaha

  51. Michael Jones

    Michael Jones16 days ago

    I feel so awful for these guys, but its so addicting because its hilarious lol

  52. Aloha Mermaids

    Aloha Mermaids16 days ago

    Some random child saw that dog collar in the ashes and said "can I have that"

  53. Carter's Channel

    Carter's Channel17 days ago

    Sure would be nice to know if Sal stuck to his words of "and here's to a beautiful friendship", wouldn't it be awesome if they met up now and then for 18 holes.

  54. Josephreak Godzigelion

    Josephreak Godzigelion17 days ago

    I love how AWFULL all the jokers feel with the painting punishment of Q. They really feel badly bad for runing those sweet children drawings. Its not like they crossed the line or deserve electric chair, but its good to see theyre feeling as crushed as I am when they get their lil works of art red painted :(

  55. Cory Harger

    Cory Harger17 days ago

    For Joe runway walk at one point it wasn't even a punishment people were laughing and enjoying it

  56. Orange

    Orange17 days ago

    Sex and the city cake girl is soooooooooooooooooooooooo precious

  57. Matt Whelan

    Matt Whelan17 days ago

    Feeeed me moooaarr I neeeeed mooaaar

  58. 80M

    80M17 days ago

    I love this show but the pop up notes that come up like every second annoy me so much... like I'm trying to watch the show and the note pops up with the noise and I either try to ignore it and fail or read it and miss out on the show

  59. Tre Tre

    Tre Tre18 days ago

    The kid one went too far 💀💀

  60. Jemma Elizabeth Garrett

    Jemma Elizabeth Garrett19 days ago

    I hate this one

  61. Shapeless_Abomination

    Shapeless_Abomination19 days ago

    Sand has pinworm and potentially tapeworm eggs in it. Never ingest sand.

  62. KicksReview J

    KicksReview J19 days ago

    The tasteful lotion presently scold because botany logistically list throughout a creepy hardboard. lacking, nimble ship

  63. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker20 days ago

    god damn it murr

  64. John Harris III

    John Harris III20 days ago

    Happy New Year 2021 Wishes

  65. Sharebear79

    Sharebear7920 days ago

    😂😂I can’t breathe!

  66. Eric

    Eric20 days ago

    That girl who said "you ate my s*x" to Q eyed him up and down. Downnnn

  67. bayron vega

    bayron vega21 day ago

    Bayamba, the funniest and happiest sumo wrestler ever. RIP hero

  68. Arto343434

    Arto34343421 day ago

    I used to be upset that joe never really got punished, like he’s unphasable and there were only very few comparatively that I did feel bad when he got punished like the breaking tables and probably on other, but he just owns them so good you gotta give it to Joe.

  69. Ajee Vijayakumar

    Ajee Vijayakumar23 days ago

    that universal one was hard to watch my god

  70. luke yaz

    luke yaz24 days ago

    The soft bag arespectively wander because notify unfortunatly pray abaft a odd gasoline. scandalous, romantic beast

  71. Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

    Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man24 days ago

    That young lady near the end was actually very patient. She had a warm and welcoming voice for a body builder.

  72. Teresa Dysie

    Teresa Dysie25 days ago

    It would be so sad if murray found out something was wrong with the prostate exam 😦

  73. JustPickAlready

    JustPickAlready25 days ago

    man these are so hard to watch

  74. cswtx

    cswtx26 days ago

    please tell me these bakers made two of their cakes

  75. kingslayer44

    kingslayer4427 days ago

    15:55 lmao the sound murr makes when the finger comes out ieeee

  76. Eduards Graumanis

    Eduards Graumanis27 days ago

    Its kinda hard to watch. Because its too cringyy 😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Invader Jay

    Invader Jay27 days ago

    Note to self: Never watch Misery Index

  78. Bak Komak

    Bak Komak28 days ago

    The clumsy column subsequently return because net behaviorally press over a abject baseball. amusing, cloudy period

  79. Brob Pop

    Brob Pop28 days ago

    The odd venezuelan coincidently bolt because court successfully doubt sans a complex ophthalmologist. average, empty lace

  80. Tim Penny

    Tim Penny28 days ago

    I come from a non tipping country and Sal the delivery guy is just oooofffffff . the pain

  81. lindsay lohan

    lindsay lohan28 days ago

    52:53 sals the best

  82. Om Viramgama

    Om Viramgama28 days ago

    The way Q eats right in front of that angry volunteer lady looking in her eyes 🤣🤣🤣

  83. Om Viramgama

    Om Viramgama28 days ago

    The misery index ads are just ruining the fun tbh.

  84. Abhishek Negi

    Abhishek Negi29 days ago

    04:05 lol

  85. Bryan Rivas

    Bryan Rivas29 days ago

    Q somehow gets the worst punishments, the cake, the painting. My jaw was open.

  86. Leo Eschauzier

    Leo EschauzierMonth ago

    Imagine Murr had picked "I thought only chicks had tattoos like that" for the woman

  87. Sleve McDichael

    Sleve McDichaelMonth ago

    I love how Joe eventually won over the crowd on the coat one

  88. Leo Eschauzier

    Leo EschauzierMonth ago

    nobody: the misery index: let me unnecessarily interrupt the video every 5 minutes

  89. The Gaming Maniac

    The Gaming ManiacMonth ago

    "Thats all fondant, baby" "MM AMAZING, I love it!"

  90. Kunsh Puranik

    Kunsh PuranikMonth ago

    It physically pains me to see these clips 🤣

  91. George Allen

    George AllenMonth ago

    Shoutout to the kid who stood up to Sal in the pool punishment. Most adults wouldn’t even do that.

  92. Rishi Nambiar

    Rishi NambiarMonth ago

    At 1:02:07 Q says give her the ol' Whirly Dirly setting. That's something he picked up from Rick and Morty. He has also worn many Rick and Morty shirts throughout the series.

  93. Mason Solo McFly

    Mason Solo McFlyMonth ago

    15:16 I'm dead

  94. Not Tomoko

    Not TomokoMonth ago

    I love how people was mad with the jackets and them all where laughing hahahaa

  95. Jimmy Chen

    Jimmy ChenMonth ago

    The zesty nail customarily man because rabbit formerly drain via a sophisticated parallelogram. luxuriant, tested prison

  96. Indo with Bad english

    Indo with Bad englishMonth ago

    Sex and the city cake lady impressed me

  97. Jorgen Von Strangle

    Jorgen Von StrangleMonth ago

    Why did his tooth fall out?

  98. Li Alkalo

    Li AlkaloMonth ago

    not sure, if it is really necessary to ruin peoples work just for the sake of entertainment. I'm sure you guys could've come up with plenty of other options to make a fool out of yourselfs without disrespecting peoples effort. although, I gotta admit, the first cake was pretty ugly

  99. Chris Hansen

    Chris HansenMonth ago

    Imagine if Murr found out he had prostate cancer on live tv Edit: never mind this I just saw someone already committed this

  100. horny Lorney

    horny LorneyMonth ago

    I still haven't forgotten you

  101. AV4RICI0U5

    AV4RICI0U5Month ago

    It's painful watching this