Impractical Jokers: The Best of Focus Groups (Mashup) | truTV

Focus groups are meant to be serious, but when the Impractical Jokers get involved things can get out of hand. Here are the best of their focus groups as they try to convince people they’re selling real products. #truTV #ImpracticalJokers
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Impractical Jokers: The Best of Focus Groups (Mashup) | truTV


  1. Aaron Wilt Jr.

    Aaron Wilt Jr.6 minutes ago

    Thanks for posting freebies truTV during these rona times

  2. Lemon z

    Lemon zHour ago

    Bro next time I have a mental breakdown I need to remember to come to impractical jokers

  3. Lemon z

    Lemon z41 minute ago

    Update: I almost had one and the video is pretty helpful gotta say 10/10

  4. Meme L0rd420

    Meme L0rd4202 hours ago

    1:07:04 "I kidnapped the vice president" probably the best line in the entire video.

  5. fiendy

    fiendy2 hours ago

    26:27 could be pretty good anime plot.

  6. Qekar Hujog

    Qekar Hujog4 hours ago

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    Aube Reitema6 hours ago

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  9. dillon nicely

    dillon nicely6 hours ago

    When I was a kid I thought the coolest thing you could have was a suit of armor, I begged my mom and she eventually got me a 6’ suit of armor. I can’t tell you how many times that thing jump scared me and everyone else in my family

  10. Joey Ponziani

    Joey Ponziani6 hours ago

    Here’s a video game: Call of Jury Duty: Modern Inconvenience

  11. barb brown

    barb brown7 hours ago

    😲 😆 the sister tracker!!

  12. Avery Henningsen

    Avery Henningsen7 hours ago

    Mr Nightlight had me dieing

  13. Carter Pfaff

    Carter Pfaff8 hours ago


  14. Dankrupt

    Dankrupt8 hours ago

    “Where do you get your news from?” “Social networks” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ that’s what’s wrong with america rn

  15. Modern Crusader

    Modern Crusader8 hours ago

    You can't compete against Joe in these, the man was literally born without shame.

  16. SaikoNeo

    SaikoNeo9 hours ago

    Man, imagine these guys playing jackbox.

  17. Richard Lusk

    Richard Lusk9 hours ago

    Q was going to win but he valued the jaden smith tatoo more than winning

  18. Harsha

    Harsha12 hours ago

    Can someone tell me about those audience who volunteered

  19. konrain

    konrain12 hours ago

    25:28 the reason all modern movies are the same PC movie. Shes leads a twitter mob.

  20. Tom Sdralis

    Tom Sdralis14 hours ago

    The redundant spike therapeutically slip because zoo resultantly ski between a dreary spike. heady, zealous duckling

  21. Giray YALÇIN

    Giray YALÇIN15 hours ago

    I wanna be her fluffy bear!

  22. Gr1nch 101

    Gr1nch 10117 hours ago

  23. Timothy Asdent

    Timothy Asdent17 hours ago

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  24. Timothy Asdent

    Timothy Asdent17 hours ago

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  25. cameron james

    cameron james19 hours ago

    I clicked on this video because I thought he was Jack Black

  26. ήχος land

    ήχος land22 hours ago

    Hey how do I apply do actually to theses type of groups cus this sounds fun

  27. Elbert John Felipe

    Elbert John FelipeDay ago

    How come all four of them are born at the same year??!!

  28. I dunno

    I dunnoDay ago

    When she said “bedonkadonk” I felt that

  29. Chris Beltran

    Chris BeltranDay ago

    Benny is the man!!

  30. Afraid Bacon

    Afraid BaconDay ago

    Who in their right mind would choose sister tracker over toilet soldiers? I'd love to play with my soldiers everytime I drop them off. Anyone else?

  31. kenneth davis

    kenneth davisDay ago

    anyone know where I can buy babe a roo? (as a gift)

  32. Vytal Zoroark

    Vytal ZoroarkDay ago

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  33. esther vieira

    esther vieiraDay ago

    That should be the plot of the next movie: Joe as a soldier, showing his war memories 🤣

  34. I shave

    I shaveDay ago

    i miss this 😔

  35. Jez DeLion

    Jez DeLionDay ago

    "Slumber little one!......uuuuuuuuuuuhhh!"

  36. Jessica -aka JessaNae

    Jessica -aka JessaNaeDay ago

    How do these guys get away with these??!! You'd think a lot of ppl would recognize them!

  37. danny

    dannyDay ago

    cantennas is actually a good idea! walkie talkies with a nostalgic twist

  38. li baoqiang

    li baoqiangDay ago

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    li baoqiangDay ago

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  40. D3

    D3Day ago

    12:18 "we've all been there" lol

  41. Jacqueline Mendez

    Jacqueline MendezDay ago

    Nobody falls quite as interesting as Sal. 🤣

  42. dogi46

    dogi46Day ago

    5:40 so surprised it wasn't hitler

  43. Angela Rosalie

    Angela RosalieDay ago

    So nobody is gonna mention those two people who would literally purchase the crotch-watch😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  44. optimchs1

    optimchs118 hours ago

    To be fair, he went deep on that bs with the bluetooth and stuff, and Joe literally has flip flops glued onto bricks 😂😂

  45. grave stone

    grave stoneDay ago

    This is fun " but embarrassing 🙅

  46. enoch peter

    enoch peter2 days ago

    No men, Its the crotch-watch 😂😂😂

  47. Dark Light

    Dark Light2 days ago

    7:47 made my Alexa answer

  48. Me me

    Me me2 days ago

    49:08 might be the hottest girl ever.

  49. William Lautenbach

    William LautenbachDay ago


  50. Dyl

    Dyl2 days ago


  51. Jay Paterson

    Jay Paterson2 days ago

    They have lmao

  52. Brady Johnson

    Brady Johnson2 days ago


  53. Aki TheLion

    Aki TheLion2 days ago

    Awesome 👌

  54. Ariel Coca

    Ariel Coca2 days ago

    Watch crotch 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀I’m a degrasiate 😂

  55. Timothy Asdent

    Timothy Asdent2 days ago

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  56. Kurt Rhim

    Kurt Rhim2 days ago

    I feel like the people actually think the jokers are insane. And their flight fight response kicks in

  57. Red Elixer

    Red Elixer2 days ago

    The toilet thing sounds pretty cool if I was a kid

  58. AquaGaming HQ

    AquaGaming HQ59 minutes ago

    @Red Elixer Bruh, you do you, I do me. 😂

  59. Red Elixer

    Red Elixer2 hours ago

    @AquaGaming HQ nah as a kid I'd play with it, if it falls in the toilet oh well to the sink for a clean it is then

  60. AquaGaming HQ

    AquaGaming HQ21 hour ago

    Bruh, its so disgusting. No one is going to buy that (except if your parents are not going to give a sh!t about your hygiene)

  61. Jonatheil

    Jonatheil2 days ago


  62. Future Zay Baby Beat Banggerz

    Future Zay Baby Beat Banggerz2 days ago

  63. Lion Israelion

    Lion Israelion2 days ago


  64. Alex Katzeff

    Alex Katzeff2 days ago

    1:01:03 Joker is that you?

  65. LinkZ

    LinkZ2 days ago

    No Man it's a Crotch Watch! LMAO

  66. Go Long Corey Long

    Go Long Corey Long2 days ago

    The face the lady at 7:21 made when she said “Man-made” was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  67. Caleb W

    Caleb W2 days ago

    Who needs ab workouts when you have Impractical Jokers? My belly's sore just from laughing so much.

  68. daniel leblanc

    daniel leblanc2 days ago

    ‘Janelle how do u spell your name?’

  69. Robert Linares

    Robert Linares2 days ago

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  70. Jonatheil

    Jonatheil2 days ago


  71. DGosu

    DGosu2 days ago

    Toilet soldiers got me everytime lmaooo

  72. MrInzane007

    MrInzane0073 days ago

    these are so funny

  73. image_notfound

    image_notfound3 days ago

    1:36 and this has been; sal's daily fall.

  74. Jon M

    Jon M3 days ago

    The toilet soldiers idea actually wasn't half bad if all you do is remove the bottom half and leave it a playtime section for the top of a kids toilet to encourage them to learn to use the potty. I'm honestly surprised they went with the sister tracker over that.

  75. R.I.P Charles Calvin

    R.I.P Charles Calvin3 days ago

    It’s art man it’s art man

  76. bmoreakaAB

    bmoreakaAB3 days ago

    This show cures my anxiety

  77. Kyle Janas

    Kyle Janas3 days ago

    I really dont want to believe this, but at 3:12 the lady looks at the impractical jokers scripted?

  78. ewer sdf

    ewer sdf3 days ago

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  79. Matt Guxxxtt

    Matt Guxxxtt3 days ago

    47:41 what a beautiful woman wow

  80. SlidPitGaming

    SlidPitGaming4 days ago

    47:42 🤤😳

  81. Chang Luckey

    Chang Luckey4 days ago

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  82. Kimora Micheal

    Kimora Micheal4 days ago

    I miss you guys! 🥺💗🥴😭😅

  83. Hurline Rose

    Hurline Rose4 days ago

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    ching ho4 days ago

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  85. Martin Dartakov

    Martin Dartakov4 days ago

    Advice: don't watch IJ while eating, you might choke

  86. james fiaco

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    Simply Meeko4 days ago

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  91. Alyx Garcia

    Alyx Garcia4 days ago

    Do you have a nickname? "bologne cheeks"

  92. Robby Morning

    Robby Morning5 days ago

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    krow Worst5 days ago

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  94. Positive Vibes with Crystal ✨

    Positive Vibes with Crystal ✨5 days ago

    I literally was thinking of brick flops before he said brick flops 😂

  95. Charlene

    Charlene3 days ago

    @Positive Vibes with Crystal ✨ 'YIEAH TAKE YOUR SOCKS UOFF' XD

  96. Positive Vibes with Crystal ✨

    Positive Vibes with Crystal ✨3 days ago

    @Mark jay the lady was like take you socks off 😂😂😂

  97. Mark jay

    Mark jay4 days ago

    That whole made my cheeks hurt really bad, esp when he was walking in them. My god 🤣🤣🤣

  98. Average Joe

    Average Joe5 days ago

    I want the glasses with rear view mirrors and the crotch watch!! Lmfao 😂🤣😂🤣

  99. Dianne Mason

    Dianne Mason5 days ago

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    Edwin Rodriguez5 days ago

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  101. Simon B

    Simon B5 days ago

    jacob berger in the beginning. are the pranks fake?

  102. Turtle

    Turtle5 days ago

    23:27 why he remind me of shaq

  103. ArticruciA Williams

    ArticruciA Williams6 days ago


  104. Camden Gilbert

    Camden Gilbert6 days ago


  105. Self-Righteous Ideologue

    Self-Righteous Ideologue6 days ago

    18:17 - That stare down, lol

  106. eddy sal

    eddy sal6 days ago

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  107. Luc Thomas

    Luc Thomas6 days ago

    The crotch watch ⌚ is crazy funny 😆 😜 !! And for " Mr. Night-light, Sal should have said that it's useful cuz it helps keep away intruders.

  108. Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute6 days ago

    They should get that lady from 17 minutes on the show full time

  109. jorge brito

    jorge brito6 days ago

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